PLL Announces Lacrosse Advisory Board, Seth Tierney Announced Chairman

Photo Courtesy of Hofstra Athletics

The Premiere Lacrosse League (PLL) has announced the formation of their Lacrosse Advisory Board through an article from US Lacrosse Magazine this morning. This board will be an independent body that serves the league by providing council on all items that are lacrosse-related. 

The PLL Lacrosse Advisory Board will be made up of men's and women's lacrosse coaches, influencers of the game, and hall of fame players. The PLL has announced that Hofstra head coach and Team USA assistant coach Seth Tierney will serve as the Chairman of the Lacrosse Advisory Board. 

“The energy around this game’s community since the creation of the PLL has been infectious. I am honored to chair the Lacrosse Advisory Board, and work with the leaders of our game to create the best possible professional lacrosse experience for the players, fans, and game of lacrosse.” Said Tierney. 

There will be a number of various ways that the Lacrosse Advisory Board will help support the PLL. They will ensure the highest lacrosse is played by using all the expertise the board has to offer. The board will also assist in discussions involving rules, team formation, coaching and official selection, and even have a vote in the ALL-Star game. 

Another thing that this new Lacrosse Advisory Board will do is ensure connection between all aspects of the lacrosse world. The high school, pro, college, youth, and international. Linking all these various leagues, teams, and circles has been needed for so long and we finally have it. According to US Lacrosse Magazine, the full list of members on the Lacrosse Advisory Board will be announced later on this week.