PLPA and NLL Finally Come to Terms on a CBA Agreement

Photo Courtesy Discover Moose Jaw

After a long and drawn out negotiation period where we saw both sides reportedly make progress and then hit walls we finally have a new CBA in place. On Friday the NLL and PLPA came to terms on a new five year CBA. The agreement was voted on by the players on Saturday and it passed with a majority vote. 

Throughout this process we saw both sides get closer and further apart almost on a weekly basis. We even saw the PLPA threaten the NLL with a law suit. There were even times when many were questioning if we would have a season at all. After all the progress the league has made in terms of expansion, this dispute looked like a black eye on the league. I know that everyone is happy that we will see lacrosse back on the floor very soon.

Even though the first two weeks of the season (Dec. 1st and 8th) we will see lacrosse sooner than later. Training camps were supposed to open a few weeks ago but were cancelled due to the ongoing CBA negotiations at the time. NLL training camps will open next weekend and the NLL season will start on December 15th according to Steve Bermel of ILIndoor. The league has stated that they are hopeful that they will make up the cancelled games. Sources say that it is most likely for the cancelled games to be made up sometime in April.

PLPA President Peter Schmitz stated, "This new agreement sets the players in a great position for success as partners in a league and a sport whose best days are ahead."