NLL Cancels First Two Weeks of the Season

Photo Courtesy Conquest Photos

As the NLL and PLPA have still not come to terms for a new CBA and the league has decided to cancel the first two weeks of the season. This has a serious impact on the fans, players, and teams. Especially San Diego and Philadelphia as they enter their first year as franchises.

CBA negotiations between the NLL and PLPA have been going for quite sometime and have been at the forefront of the lacrosse world for almost a month now. The NLL gave the PLPA a deadline on 5pm on Wednesday November 14th to respond to their most recent proposal. That deadline was suspended yesterday as the two sides reported having fluid dialogue.

The PLPA has submitted a counterproposal in which the NLL says they cannot accept. Thus the first two weeks of the NLL season have been cancelled. The PLPA has stated that players will not submit physicals, sign contracts, or report to camps until a fair CBA has been reached.

Both sides have worked out small issues but they remain astray on issues such as player pay, out of pocket travel expenses, expanding the roster size, and players being able to grow along side the league and being compensated for the leagues growth that they have helped garner.

In the NLL's statement on the cancellation of the first two weeks of the season they stated that they continue to be available and open to meet with the PLPA to resolve this issue.