Lacrosse on the Path to Becoming Sanctioned in Tennessee

Photo Credit McCallie Athletics

At the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) regional meetings last week a proposal that lacrosse be added as a sanctioned sport was voted on by the schools. That vote came out 229-129 in favor of sanctioning lacrosse.

This doesn't mean it's officially yet but lacrosse is on the path towards becoming sanctioned in Tennessee. On December 5th the TSSAA Legislative Council will meet and have their vote on the proposal to sanction lacrosse. If the vote is proposal passes then lacrosse will become a sanctioned sport by the TSSAA starting at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year.

Currently the Tennessee Scholastic Lacrosse Association (TSLA) is the governing body of lacrosse in Tennessee and the league that high school and middle school teams play in. There are currently around 43 boy's teams and 48 girl's teams at the high school level across the state.

If the proposal does pass on December 5th, which sources say is highly likely at the moment, Tennessee will become the 23rd state in the country to sanction lacrosse at the high school level and the 6th in the south.

States like Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina have sanctioned the sports and have since seen tremendous growth in numbers and talent. Some of the best players are starting to come out states like Florida and Georgia. In the west Utah announced back in 2017 that they would start to sanction lacrosse starting at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

Tennessee sanctioning lacrosse could start a domino effect in the south and across the country. After Tennessee Kentucky looks to be next state that would sanction lacrosse as far as souther states go. Other places like Wisconsin, Missouri, Washington, and Texas would likely follow suit as well. If this does pull through and Tennessee does sanction lacrosse it will be a win, win, win for the sport.