Premier Lacrosse League Announces Formation, Players, and More

On Monday Morning the formation of the new Premier Lacrosse League (PLL), co-founded by Paul Rabil and his brother Mike, was officially announced through a press release that they sent out. There was also an article published on Bloomberg this morning by Scott Soshnick that mentioned the Wall Street connection to the newly formed league. 

The PLL will open their inaugural on June 1st of 2019. The season will include a 14 week season with stops at 12 "major-market" cities across the United States. Some of the potential cities include Chicago, Boston, Denver, among others. The league will have six teams and host a two weekend playoffs. There will also be an All-Star game as well. 

NBC Sports will be the officially broadcast partner of the PLL as they will show 17 games on NBCSN. Two games, including the championship game will be on NBC. 20 additional games will be streamed through NBC's subscription streaming service, NBC Sports Gold. 

One of the biggest things about the PLL is that players will be paid as full-time employees, receive health benefits, and will be able to hold equity in the league. The PLL also has a huge financially backing with companies and groups such as The Raine Group, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), The Chernin Group, and Blum Capital. One of the headline individual investors is New England Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan who played lacrosse at Penn State. 

According to Bloomberg, the league has an eight member advisory board that includes former names such as Madison Square Garden CEO, David O'Connor, Executive Director of the NFLPA, DeMaurice Smith; Barstool Sports CEO, Erika Nardini. Personally, I don't like that Barstool is anyway associated with this new league, but if it works so be it.

The league launched their website this morning where you can find the list of players, their initial press release, and Paul Rabil's "letter" about the league. 

Most mind blowing and impressive is the list of players that have already agreed to play in the PLL for their inaugural season. This list of 140 players includes names like Tom Schreiber, Kyle Harrison, Trevor Baptiste, Myles Jones, and more. See the full list below.

Some of the more notable names that are not on this list include Rob Pannell, Lyle Thompson, and Zach Currier. 

The league has launched all their social media accounts from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook