MLL Holds "Secret" Supplemental Draft

On Wednesday night Major League Lacrosse (MLL) held their annual supplemental draft. The interesting thing about it was that barley anyone knew that it was taking place. Multiple sources told us a few weeks back that it would be this week, but no date was set. 

Many then heard that they had moved the supplemental draft back to December. On Wednesday night College Crosse's Chris Jastrzembski broke the news of the draft taking place as well as other information in a series of tweets

The MLL sent out a press release to all media on Thursday morning through a separate PR firm. It was the first time that the league had acknowledged anything taking place last night. 

"Yesterday, Major League Lacrosse hosted a successful supplemental draft. We hosted the draft in October for two reasons: a) there was an influx of players who wanted to be part of the MLL next season, and b) this allowed us to notify players earlier in the offseason who have been drafted so they have more time to prepare for training camp. We look forward to providing you with a more formal announcement shortly."

Multiple team sources have confirmed players that were picked last night but no official list has come out yet. According to Inside Lacrosse, teams were told not to publicize draft picks. 

Multiple sources have told us that many of the players drafted in last night's supplemental draft are now considering jumping ship and going to the PLL. This MLL supplemental draft comes just two days after the PLL was formally announced with a full list of 140 players that are set to join the new league. 

We should see the MLL announced the official results of last night's supplemental draft within the next few days.