MLL Season Being Pushed Back to May

Photo Credit Pretty Instant

Major League Lacrosse has announced more changes that will take effect immediately for the 2019 season. On Monday morning the MLL announced that they had pushed the season back from the usual start date which has been in mid-April.

The MLL will start on May 31st in 2019. Pushing the season back will allow rookies to have a full season and not miss games while they finish their college career. This also helps MLL players that are college coaches as well. The one thing that this push back doesn’t prevent is the “proverlap” as the NLL season has gone into June so the start of the MLL season will interfere with the NLL playoffs. 

These changes that have recently been made bye the MLL are monumental in bettering and pushing professions field Lacrosse forward. The league has said that the full 2019 schedule will be released at a later date. Many have speculated that the MLL playoffs will run into late September due to pushing the season back, which makes sense. This is a big win for the NCAA, MLL, and NLL. The only thing hanging in the balance is the new PLL that will run from June through September. 

The MLL has said that the full 2019 season schedule will be announced at a later date. This is true for the date of the Draft as well.