The Vancouver Warriors!

Courtesy of Vancouver Warriors

After winning just two games last year Vancouver has undergone some major changes this off season with being taken under new ownership, new coaching staff and front office, as well as an arena change. The one question that had been lurking was what will the new name be?

We now have an answer as the Vancouver franchise has announced that their new team name will be the Warriors, as speculated late last week. The name was leaked first by Marisa Ingemi on Saturday and it has now has come full circle as the official announcement has been made by the franchise.

The NLL Vancouver franchise will now be known as the Vancouver Warriors and they have a pretty sweet logo and uniforms as well.

A few things that first popped in my head after I saw the logo was the Vegas Golden Knights and that it looked like a soccer logo more than a lacrosse logo. After I saw the video and explanation of the logo then I was able to grasp the idea better. Overall I really like the new name and logo.

Now I think the uniforms are even better. That new logo of the shield and V&W logo really look nicely with those colors on the new Vancouver uniforms. Overall this may be one of my personal favorites in terms of rebranding in professional sports. It's going to be cool seeing lacrosse in Rogers Arena come December.

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