Rules Committee Alters Shot Clock Proposal

Photo Credit Greg Shemitz

Just over a month ago the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Rules Committee announced their proposal for a 60-second shot clock that would start after the ball was cleared past the mid line. There would be a non-visible 20 second clock to clear the ball. 

After feedback from coaches the NCAA Rules Committee has decided to alter that initial proposal. This new proposal is much more simpler and overall makes more sense. Now there is just one 80 second shot clock that starts on possession. There is still a 20 second period to advance the ball over the mid line. 

Since the initial proposal there has been a feedback period. During this feedback period the NCAA Rules Committee received feedback from coaches and conference administrators. This feedback then prompted the adjustments to the shot clock rule. 

The altered proposal moves to the NCAA Playing Oversight Panel’s review Wednesday. The committee was formed to review playing-rules proposals, especially proposals involving player safety. They also review the view of the game and financial impact.