MLL Announces Changes, Investing in the Players

Photo Courtesy of Pretty Instant

The MLL has announced three big changes that will be pushing the league and the sport forward. These three changes have been voted upon unanimously by the MLL owners and will take effect immediately for the 2019 season. 

The salary cap will be increasing by 51 percent which enables the players to make more money playing in the MLL than they ever have before. The league, and sport, still doesn't have million dollar contracts but this is a step in the right direction as player pay has been a big issue since the league's inception. The product on the field has never been better and it may have just gotten even better with this new salary cap increase. With this salary cap increase players may be more inclined to stay in the league longer, thus creating even more high level lacrosse being played. 

Another change that was approved by the MLL owners is to extend the regular season to sixteen games rather than the fourteen we are used to. This pushes the season further into August with the playoffs but doesn't address the "proverlap" the plagues the beginning of the season with NLL players and recent NCAA draft picks still in their seasons. Frankly, that will be a change that needs to happen and will require the cooperation of both the MLL and NLL. 

Lastly, the number of players a team can have on their game day active roster (GDAR) is increasing by one. This gives teams a full roster of 20 guys on game day from 19. This will allow for teams to have deeper benches which will benefit everyone in the long run. Also, more guys will have to get paid each game but if they are making the change it sounds like they can do that. 

These recent changes are a step in the right direction for the MLL. Commissioner Sandy Brown has done a tremendous job so far and this is just another great move in pushing the sport and the league forward on the professional stage. It is safe to say that the league is in a much better place then they were a year ago when everyone will talking about the infamous information leak. The league is pushing forward.