Ryan Conrad Denied Medical Redshirt by NCAA

(Photo Credit: John Strohsacker)

Some unfortunate news out of Charlottesville, VA as rising seniors Ryan Conrad and Dziama have been denied a medical redshirt by the NCAA to get another year of eligibility. They were both denied because they had played more than 30% of the season last year.

The NCAA is very strict on hardship waivers

Star midfielder Ryan Conrad played and started in five games for the Cavilers last season before suffering a season ending knee injury against Syracuse. Conrad had 4 goals and 3 assist in the five games that he played last season. With Conrad being a crucial piece to that Virginia squad they were never quite the same after he went down. The Cavilers really suffered on offense, particularly in the midfield, without Conrad in there.

While it is a bad and unfortunate situation for Conrad as he only has one year left to play college lacrosse pro teams in the MLL and NLL (if he plays in both) are sure grinning from ear to ear. Conrad should be a high draft pick that can make an impact in the pro game.

Matt Dzima missed the first four games of the season with a lower body injury. Dzima would see action in seven regular season games as he made his debut against Syracuse. Unfortunately, Dzima would re-aggravate the injury against Richmond and miss the last seven games of the season, including ACC and NCAA tournament games.

This news is unfortunate for both players and I personally think it is utterly ridiculous. According to section 12.8.4 of the NCAA DI Manual it states that In team sports, the injury or illness occurs when the student-athlete has not participated in more than three contests or dates of competition (whichever is applicable to that sport) or 30 percent (whichever number is greater) of the institution’s scheduled or completed contests or dates of competition in his or her sport.

The problem with that is it applies to all sports, and it shouldn't. If you think about it lacrosse and football have much smaller seasons than basketball. That means that 30% of a basketball teams  season is more games then 30% of a lacrosse teams season. I really don't understand why they just don't have different rules on the medical redshirt, among other things, for different sports. But, we know that will never happen so this is something that everybody has to live with.