Play Lax Day: What Lacrosse Means to Me

This is a personal post and I haven't really done anything super personal on this blog. The only personal things that I have ever done on the site are things like voice my opinion in different topics around lacrosse. This is completely different than anything I have ever posted on the site so if I apologize if I rambled too much. 

   Lacrosse means everything to me. It is my escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, school, and other stressful things. Whether I am shooting on an empty cage, playing wall ball, coaching, watching a game, or writing or producing other content about lacrosse my mind instantly clears. This sport is almost a safe haven of sorts for me and millions of other people around the globe. This game has special powers that no one can quite understand. When you pick up a stick it seems you are instantly at peace with your self and the world around you. Lacrosse is medicine. 

   For those of you who don't believe that lacrosse is medicine, I really don't know what to tell you because you can obviously see it right in front of you. This game does have medicinal powers and I know plenty of people feel the sports powers each and everyday. That isn't something that a lot of people can say about other sports. Lacrosse is just different. The sport is maybe the most different sport on the planet in terms of the community and support that we all have for each other. Sure, there are people who are dislike by others in this sport and we all get into at least one of those infamous #LacrosseTwitter battles, but when you dig deep down we see each other as a family no matter what corner of the earth we come from. Lacrosse, and sports in general, has no borders and never will. That is what makes this game and sports in general so special. 

   It is still baffles me at how many people I have spoken to that are doing great things in this sport from various parts of the world. I mean I have talked to at least one person from each continent about lacrosse. Every time I do I just see more enthusiastic people that are eager to grow and share this game with their community and the world. We are very lucky to have so many wonderful people in this game that truly care about the sport and the people it effects. I know I will meet more people just like that in the near and distant future. 

  The question that myself and others are always asked or ponder upon is what makes lacrosse so special? Is it the history of the game? Is it the people? Is it the excitement that the game brings? 

   I feel that it is a combination of those three things and more. No other sport has as deep a history as lacrosse does. The roots of lacrosse go thousands of years back into the pre-colonization period of North America. Lacrosse is the creators game and that names still lives on with every player today. The history of lacrosse can never be forgotten and I don't think it ever will be. The only thing I want to see more of is coaches teaching their players the history of the game so that they can fully understand where this game comes from and what this game means. 

  Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet, and just got faster with the new NCAA rules, and always has been. The physicality, speed, stick skills, and athleticism of the play on the field makes this game so special. Sure you can compare lacrosse to basketball since James Naismith used lacrosse as basis for basketball but this sport is different and more special than any other sport on the planet. This game is fast, physical, and you need a lot of skills. Those skills can be honed in by just hitting the wall everyday. No matter where you are in the world there is a wall that you can throw a ball off of. I'm not sure there are very many other sports that you can improve so drastically just by practicing by yourself.

  Lacrosse can take you places that you never thought you would go. I honestly never thought I would be running a lacrosse blog, but hey here I am doing it for the love and betterment of the game. That is another thing that makes lacrosse so special. People will just do things be cause they love the sport. Look at pro lacrosse player for example. Sure, those guys would love to have million dollar contracts and I would love to see them get those, but they don't. The guys in the MLL and NLL play because they love the game not because of all the glitz and glamour that can come with it. They are all genuine people and I have had the opportunity to meet, talk to,  and even know a few active and former pros.

  Lacrosse can be described many different ways. Lacrosse can be a getaway, an addiction. Lacrosse is home, Lacrosse is diverse. Lacrosse is a family, Lacrosse is a medicine. 

  This is the fastest game on two feet, the creators game, the oldest game in North America, this is Lacrosse. 


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