NEW KY Lacrosse Schedule Website

Photo Courtesy of Woodford County Lacrosse

High School Lacrosse in Kentucky is a pretty hard thing to follow in its own right due to lack of coverage and communication coming from certain teams. This just got harder with laxpower shutting down so there are only a few ways to view scores and schedules. Inside Lacrosse has made a push to add a high school schedule section to their site that is very similar to what laxpower had and it is actually really good. However, some teams didn't submit schedules to Inside Lacrosse last year and it made their site less of a go to spot for high school scores across the country as a whole.

There is now a new solution that is geared solely toward high school lacrosse in the commonwealth. KY Lacrosse Schedules is where you will be able to find all the schedules for both boys and girls teams across the state of Kentucky starting with the 2019 season.  

On this site you can search for schedules and find scores all season long. You can also submit your team's schedule through email or the online form that can be found on the site.