NCAA Announces Rule Changes; We're Getting a Shot Clock!

(Photo Credit: NBC Sports)

This week the NCAA Men's Lacrosse rules committee has been meeting in Indianapolis this week and they have announced the rule changes that they passed this week.

The game know as "The Fastest Game on Two Feet" is getting faster. The NCAA rules committee has passed a 60 second shot clock and a 10 yard substitution box. Both rules will start in 2019.

With this shot clock it will start once the ball passes midfield and during a clear teams will have 20 seconds to clear the ball pass midfield, and then the shot clock would start. Any reset in the game would also reset the shot clock back to 60 seconds. This means on a shot or any play where there is a reset.

This new shot clock was tested last fall as teams were able to use this and other experimental rules in fall ball scrimmages if they chose too. Per a survey at the end of fall ball only 50% of coaches who responded were in favor of the rule. Apparently, the committee talked about a 90 second shot clock but they thought that  would be too complicated and too much time to reset to.

The NCAA Men's Lacrosse rules committee also passed legislation that shrinks the substitution box from 20 yards to 10 yards. This is just another rule that will help and make the game a lot faster.

Later on Friday afternoon we heard the the dive had also been brought back into the college game. I certainly love this and think it is great for the game as a whole. Yes, I understand their is a safety rick here for goalies especially, but we have seen goalie like Dillon Ward come out in support of the change. Overall, it is another way to unify the college and pro game. Now we just need a two-point arc in college and we will be all good.

These new rules certainly have a ton of benefits to them. I am in full favor of both rules as it will speed the game up and make it more enjoyable for the fans, players, and coaches alike. It also helps the referees out as they don't have to determine a stall clock, which was very inconsistent. I talked about some more benefits of the shot clock rule in a post I did earlier this week suggestion multiple rules that would help college lacrosse.