KY High School Coaching Carousel

(Photo Credit: Victory Views)

As the school year grows closer schools will start to hire new coaches to replace those that have stepped down. In Kentucky there are currently two head coaches from 2018 that have stepped down, but only one "confirmed" open position.

Collegiate - Collegiate School in Louisville, KY will have a newer head coach in 2019. Former head coach Reid Wesley who also runs L4 Lacrosse has stepped down as the head coach after two season. Wesley was named coach of the year in KY last season. Former Bellarmine star and Ohio Machine defenseman Bobby Schmitt will take over as the head coach in 2019. Schmitt was on staff the past two years with Wesley as a sort of co-head coach. Schmitt will now be the full head coach of the Collegiate Titans in 2019.

Male - Male High School in Louisville, KY is currently in the beginning stages of a head coaching search. Former head coach Joseph Palazzo has stepped down after three years at the helm of the Bulldogs program. As stated, they are currently still accepting applications for a new head coach. If you are interested contact either the school's athletic director or parents Todd Cianfoni, or Sassy Utsey.

Ballard - I can't confirm anything but there have been some rumblings that head coach Sean Blue has or will step down before the 2019 season begins. After reaching out to the Ballard athletic department it appears they have no knowledge of such rumors.