Iroquois Dominate USA to Get First WJLC Win

(Photo Credit: Lithic Images)

The Iroquois would dominate the USA in a very physical game to get their first World Junior Lacrosse Championship (WJLC). With their full roster finally in Saskatoon the Iroquois put the same beating on the USA that Canada did to them last night. The Iroquois would beat the USA 23-9 in dominating fashion.

Both teams were playing very well early on and it didn't really seem like there was much separation at first glance. That would obviously change over the course of the game, but the one thing that would stay consistent was the physicality as we had guys chipping away at one another all the way until the final whistle.

The Iroquois would start off the scoring in the first as Ethan Kennedy but the USA would counter with two of their own coming from Nicholas Genova and Kyle Worsley. The Iroquois would go on mutiple three goal runs as the USA was able to answer with one or two every once in a while. The Iroquois would see two goals from Tyler Brown, Blaze White, and Nokon Thompson, and Aaron Greyeyes before to end the first during that big offensive stretch. The USA would see goals come from Michael Fricke (2), and Colby Lensing to close out the first. That offensive explosion would give the Iroquois an 8-5 lead heading into the second.

In the second is where we would see the Iroquois really take over as the USA started to loose a lot of energy and momentum. This second quarter really was the turning point in the game as we saw the USA fall apart essentially and the Iroquois took full advantage on both ends of the floor.

The second started off with a ton of defense as we saw great goalie play on both ends and a lot of disrupted shots and passes. The USA would finally break the ice with a goal with 8:09 in the quarter. That goal from Michael Guerin would be the USA's last until the fourth quarter. From that point on it was all Iroquois as we saw goal after goal go in for them. The Iroquois would get six straight to end the half as they got one goal a piece from Kyran Sunday, Blaze White, Aaron Greyeyes, David Anderson, Tyler Armstrong, and Kainen Francis. That big second quarter would put the Iroquois up 14-6 heading into halftime.

We would see much of the same in the third as the Iroquois continued to dominate and the game continued to get more chippy as the lead grew bigger. Again the quarter would start a little slower with a lot of defense from both sides, but the Iroquois would soon find their rhythm and go full steam ahead. The Iroquois would get five goals by five different scorers in the third. We would see goals from Marshall Powless, Kainen Francis, Aaron greyeyes, Kyran Sunday, and David Anderson. That would really put the game out of reach as the Iroquois held a 19-6 lead heading into the fourth and final quarter.

The Fourth wasn't much of a show as we saw the Iroquois continue to dominate with three goals early in the quarter to make it a 22-6 lead. The USA would finally be able to put a little something together as they three goals midway through the quarter from Kristopher Campbell, Michael Guerin, and Max Nelson. As the game wound down the Iroquois would score two goals in the last minute and a half of the game which made things end a littler chipper than they should have. The Iroquois would get the 25-9 win as they bounced back in a huge way after Wednesday's loss to Canada.

The USA will play Canada tomorrow night at 7:30PM CST / 9:30PM ET. The Iroquois round robin games are over as they will earn the number two seed in bracket play.

Three Stars

⭐⭐⭐: #88 Aaron Greyeyes, R, Iroquois - 3 Goals, 1 Assist, and this #ScTop10 Nominee Goal

⭐⭐: #19 Tyler Brown, R, Iroquois - 4 Goals, 3 Assist

⭐: #93 Marshall Powless, R, Iroquois - 2 Goals, 7 Assist


1. Canada 1-0

2. Iroquois 1-1

3. USA 0-1