Bluegrass Bulldogs, Coming in 2019

Courtesy of Bluegrass Bulldogs

The Bluegrass Bulldogs will officially start play as a High School Lacrosse team club team in 2019. The Bulldogs are just one of a few teams both on the boy's and girl's side to emerge over the past couple of years as the sport gets bigger and grows to newer areas every year.

Following high school lacrosse in Kentucky can be difficult, especially when it involves schools outside of Louisville or Lexington that don't get much coverage. So I want to thank Tony Grizovic for letting me know about this up and coming high school program. 

The Bluegrass Bulldogs are from the southern portion of Boone County,KY and will be a "club" team as they have no affiliation with any particular high school. They are one of just a few teams like this in Kentucky as lacrosse STILL isn't sanctioned by the KHSAA. 

Because they are a club team they are made up of players from multiple different high schools. Most of their players will come from Ryle, Cooper, Walton-Verona, and Simon Kenton High Schools which all have produced some tremendous athletes in various sports. There could be players coming from more schools in Norther Kentucky as lacrosse continues to grow up there.

There are two different leagues in Kentucky, the Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse League (KSLL) and the Commonwealth League that many still calls the KLA. For their inaugural season the Bulldogs plan to apply for acceptance into the Commonwealth League as that league is comprised of teams from everywhere except Louisville. 

The Bulldogs should have decent inaugural season as they are currently in the process of finding a head coach, but do have expierenced assistant coaches that have coached many of the Bulldogs players at the youth level. The Bulldogs are also still making efforts on the recruiting front in terms of getting more players as well. 

I wish the best for the Bulldogs and hope nothing but the best for them moving forward. I also hope that as the Bulldogs become the second club team in Northern KY that further grows the game and pushes more athletic directors in that area to add lacrosse as a varsity sport like many other schools have across the Commonwealth.