Wings Take Hickey 1st Overall in 2018 NLL Expansion Draft

(Photo Credit: Windsor Star)

The 2018 NLL Expansion draft took place this afternoon as the Philadelphia Wings and the San Diego Seals picked their teams for their inaugural seasons in 2019. There would be nine rounds and each team got one pick per round. The Philadelphia Wings selected first in the Expansion Draft and the San Diego Seals will select first in the Entry Draft in the fall.

Remember that each team got to select players from the unprotected list that were announced a few weeks ago. Also, there could only be two guys picked from each team.

Round 1

1. Philadelphia Wings - Brett Hickey

2. San Diego Seals - Turner Evans

Round 2

3. Philadelphia Wings - Kiel Matisz

4. San Diego Seals - Brett Mydske

Round 3

5. Philadelphia Wings - Jordan Hall

6. San Diego Seals - Adrian Sorichetti

Round 4

7. Philadelphia Wings - Josh Currier

8. San Diego Seals - Cam Holding

Round 5

9. Philadelphia Wings - Frank Brown

10. San Diego Seals - Bryce Sweeting (Traded to Buffalo) *

Round 6

11. Philadelphia Wings - Anthony Joaquim

12. San Diego Seals - Frank Scigliano

Round 7

13. Philadelphia Wings - Matt Rambo

14. San Diego Seals - Garrett McIntosh

Round 8

15. Philadelphia Wings - Vaughn Harris (Traded to Buffalo) **

16. San Diego Seals - Casey Jackson

Round 9

17. Philadelphia Wings - Davide DiRuscio

18. San Diego Seals - Brendan Ranford


* San Diego trades 10th pick Bryce Sweeting to Buffalo for Ethan Scott and 17th pick in 2018 draft.

** Philadelphia trades 15th pick Vaughn Harris to Buffalo for Zach Reid