Offensive Explosion Leads USA to Victory Over Australia

(Photo Credit: US Lacrosse)

In this Blue Pool match up Team USA wouldn't waste any time as they got out to a huge lead at halftime that continued to grow as USA defeated Australia 19-1.

USA would come out fast and furious as they put Australia away early with an impressive display of offense. USA controlled possessions and capitalized on every opportunity they were given. Trevor Baptiste would really assist this USA team as he had a great day at the faceoff dot, thus allowing USA to gain those extra possessions.

Australia was aggressive all game as they never seemed to give up. Their lack of possessions and lack luster defense really hurt them as they couldn't get much flowing their way at all. Their defense played pretty aggressive as they always do, especially the Big Koala Callum Robinson. Once Australia did get an opportunity on offense they took care of business.

Team USA got off to a hot start right out of the gate as their offense would be on full display. In the first quarter USA would eat up possession time as their offense started to heat up. Kevin Unterstein would score for the USA on the very first possession and that would start the pace for the rest of the game.  USA would dominate as they were able to convert on almost every possession. Paul Rabil and Ned Crotty would each have a goal as well as Jordan Wolf's two in the first.

USA wouldn't slow down in the second quarter at all. As USA lead Australia 5-0 heading into the second that lead would just continue to grow bigger. We would see Ryan Brown and Tom Schreiber get two goals in the second. Rob Pannell, Marcus Holman, and John Haus would also have goals to make it a 12-0 USA lead at the half.

We would see Australia get limited possession yet again. They would get killed at the faceoff dot and the defense couldn't hold that USA offense, especially the attack. On offense they just didn't have enough touches to create any offense at all. We would see their transition defense step up late in the second period as it looked like they had finally found some energy, but couldn't turn that into anything.

To start the third quarter Team USA would continue their offensive onslaught. Marcus Holman and Drew Snider would both get goals early in the third to make it 14-0 USA. In cage for USA Jack Kelly would go down with an injury early in the third as John Galloway would step in for the remainder of the game.

Australia would finally get on the board as Nigel Morton would score off an outside rip. That would give the Aussies some energy to clinch on to as we headed to the fourth with USA leading 14-1.

USA would score two goals early in the fourth quarter as they would continue their great offenisve play. We would see both Ryan Brown and Marcus Holman earn themselves hat tricks. John Haus would also contribute to the scoring as he got his second of the day. Tom Schreiber and Jordan would each get their third of the day to help close out the 19-1 win.

Three Stars

⭐⭐⭐: Marcus Holman (USA) - 3 goals

⭐⭐: Ryan Brown (USA) - 3 goals

⭐: Trevor Baptiste (USA) - 7-10 (Inadequate stats) 

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