Greece Gets Debut Win Over Mexico

(Photo Credit: Greece Lacrosse)
Greece would be able to control the tempo as they used some big offensive performances from Nate Lewnes and others to lift them to their first World Championship win as they beat Mexico 13-8.

This game would start out being pretty close though the first as both Mexico and Greece seemed to be trading goals each possession In their international debut Greece would get the game started with a Nate Lewnes goal. Mexico would counter with a two goal run as Juan Contreas and Matthew Hernandez would get goals for Mexico. After that two goal stint Greece would go on a very impressive four goal run. Jordan Korinis would have three goals and Zac Davliakos would have one on that run. That four goal run would make it 5-2 Greece late in the first. Mexico would be able to answer before the quarter ended at Javier Halffter would cut the Greece lead to 5-3 at the end of the first. 

Because of the heat the breaks in between quarters would end up being pretty long so each team would get a pretty decent amount of time to hydrate back up for the second. Also, there would be a water break at the ten minute mark of each quarter for the same reason, heat. 

The second quarter would start off pretty slow, in terms of scoring. Mexico would dominate possession time early in the second but Greece's physical play on defense would be able to hold them. Greece would move the ball around very well coming out of the ten minute water break as they had the ball for quite some time. Nate Lewnes would finish the play with a great outside shot that would get him his second goal of the day to make it 6-3 Greece. Mexico would be able to answer pretty fast as Juan Contreas would get his second to cut the Greece lead to 6-4. That would be the last goal we saw from Mexico in the first half as Greece dominated for the rest of the half. 

Greece would score two goals in a row after moving the ball around for a few minutes and putting Mexico's defense on their toes. Joseph Boulokos and Nate Lewnes would help stretch their lead to 8-4 with two minutes left in the first half. Greece would set up a great play for Nate Lewnes to get his fourth goal of the game to make it a 9-4 lead at the half. 

It would be a great half for Greece offensively as Mexico looked to be a little out of sync on defense which allowed Greece to take full advantage. When Mexico was able to gain possessions they were able to do some things as their offense was pretty good. Mexico just couldn't get those possessions down the stretch of the first half as they couldn't win a faceoff of stop Greece with their defense like they were earlier in the game.

The second half would start with each team playing some pretty decent defense as the ball would be up and down the field on both ends. After about six minutes of play we would see the first goal of the second half as Argyris Dinoris. Mexico would have a few good possessions as they were finally able to end their scoring drought after a great clear that ended with a Juan Contreras goal. Mexico would strike again a few minutes later as Roberto Arturo Carmona Pesquera would cut the Greece lead to 10-6. Going into that ten minute water break it looked like Mexico may be mounting a pretty good comeback. 

Nate Lewnes would get Greece back on track with his fifth goal of the game to make it 11-6 Greece. That was a much needed goal for Greece as they had been stifled by that Mexico defense through their long possession. That would be the final goal of the third quarter as Greece would go into the fourth leading 11-6. 

The fourth quarter would start with Greece having a long possession that ended with another Nate Lewnes goal. That would be his sixth of the day. The ball would go back and fourth, but Greece really did dominate the possessions. Nate Lewnes would get his seventh goals with eleven minutes in the fourth to make it  13-6 Greece. We would finally see Mexico get some good possessions and get back on the board as Tim Gomzales would cut the Greece lead to 13-7. After a couple of long Greece possessions Mexico would score with just over a minute left in the fourth as Ernesto Melero would cut the Greece lead to 13-8. That would the last goal of the game Greece would secure their first ever win. 

Mexico had some good opportunities early in the game but their possessions started to dry up as the game went on and Greece ate up possession time. On defense Mexico was pretty aggressive but some mistakes they made would come back to bite them. 

Greece seemed to dominate possession time almost all game. Nate Lewnes along with the x factor here today as he really did lead that Greece team. They would take a ton of time off the clock each possession and they capitalized on ever Mexico mistake. It was great performance for Greece as they get their inaugural win in the World Championships.

Three Stars

⭐⭐⭐: Nate Lewnes (GRC) - 7 goals, 2 assist

⭐⭐: Jordan Korinis (GRC) - 3 goals, 1 assist

⭐: Juan Contreras (MEX) - 3 goals

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