FIL World Championships Preview: Green Pool

(Photo Credit: Germany Lacrosse)

The 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships are just a few weeks away and I know everyone in the lacrosse world is very excited. This years FIL World Championships in Netayna, Israel will feature 46 countries that will compete for a Gold medal. This is the eleventh of this series previewing each of the 14 pools and today we cover the Green Pool. 

This pool is made up of three established programs that want to show off what they have done to improve over the past four years. One team really wants to prove that they can be much better than they have been.


Germany is a well established program that has been able to garner some great development, thus creating some good homegrown talent. They had a pretty good performance in 2014 and can build on that this year with the young talent they have. 

The young talent that Germany has really speaks to how well they are able to develop homegrown players. A lot of hard work has gone into the growth and development and now Germany is one of those model countries that new countries look to. It really is fantastic to see what they have done in Deutschland. 

Germany will have one young man on their team that is pretty special, Per-Anders Olters. Per will be the first German born player to step foot on a NCAA DI lacrosse field as he will be a freshman at The University of Vermont in the fall. I love seeing things like this as it assures you that talent really can come from anywhere these days.

This German as at the Barcelona City tournament that was hosted by Spain at the beginning of June. They competed against England, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, and University of Notre Dame. They also were in Manchester in early May scrimmaging against England and Wales. This stint of recent competition should have the Germans in good shape and playing form. 

Germany competed in the 2016 European Championships and they didn't do too bad at all. Germany finished 5th overall with a 6-2 record. They were able to get wins over teams like Switzerland, Netherlands, and Czech Republic. It really was a great showing as many got to see the Germans young talent for the first time.

In 2014 in Denver Germany would finish 9th overall and 1st in the Red pool. They went undefeated in pool play beating Austria, Hong Kong, and Belgium. They also secured wins over Czech Republic, Sweden, and Ireland. 2014 was a good showing from Germany but they can do better this year as we may see one of the best German teams of all time in Israel. 


France is the unknown here. They haven't been up to par with some of the other European teams so they have something to prove in Netanya. 

France hasn't had the best domestic growth but it is getting better. There are things in place and movements being made but they are still behind for an established program. They do have a number of talented domestic players and most are back from 2014. In 2016 we saw France in the European Championships in Hungary and they walked away unsatisfied. The French finished 22nd out of 24 teams. They had a 1-7 record with that lone win against Slovenia. 

In 2014 in Denver France didn't do so hot as they finished 31st overall and 3rd in the Yellow pool. They had a record of 2-5 as they were able to beat Uganda and Russia. France hasn't been great but as growth continues to trend upwards I see no reason why France can't have success in Israel.

Republic of Korea

Korea has been playing a ton of lacrosse over the past four years. They are one team that really wants to show the world how much they have improved from Denver to Israel.

Like many other Asian teams Korea has been playing a lot of lacrosse as they compete against many teams in the Asia-Pacific region. The growth and improvement around the region has been fantastic. Korea actually has a league, Korean National Lacrosse League, that seems to be doing pretty well. In the ASPAC Games in 2017 Korea finished 4th out of 6 teams. They had a record of 2-4 as the beat Taiwan and China. That constant playing really has helped Korea improve a lot over four years.

At the 2014 World Championships in Denver we saw Korea finish in 35th overall and 4th, last, in the Orange pool. Korea had a record of 2-5 as they defeated Costa Rica and Argentina. Korea should be able to do better than that in Israel as they have improved from all of that lacrosse they have been playing. 

Green Group Schedule

Germany vs Korea - Thursday, July 12th

Korea vs France - Friday, July 13th

Germany vs France - Saturday, July 14th