FIL World Championships Preview; Bronze Pool

(Photo Credit: Elaine Nord)

The 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships are just a few weeks away and I know everyone in the lacrosse world is very excited. This years FIL World Championships in Netayna, Israel will feature 46 countries that will compete for a Gold medal. This is the fourth of this series previewing each of the 14 pools and today we cover the Bronze Pool. 

This Pool has a mix of many things. There are three teams and some are well established but we also have a newcomer who could potentially make some noise. This might be one of my favorite pools of the tournament.


Bermuda is a team that is no stranger to the World Championships as they have attended every one since 2006. That being said they are a little bit of a unknown because we just don't see them that much.

Bermuda has done some good growth at home as they host the King of Da Rock men's tournament every year. That is really the only place where we ever see Bermuda outside of the World Championships. They will have a young and talented team this year and that will be fun to see, but there are still a lot of questions.

In 2014 Bermuda finished 24th overall and 2nd in the Yellow division as they went 2-5. They were able to get wins over Uganda and France. I think we should see a improved and younger team this year in Israel.


The Welsh national team is a well established program and they are the favorite in this pool. Wales has been pretty consistent for a while and I don't think we will see any change her in 2018.

The last time we saw Wales was in the 2016 European Championships and they played well finishing in fourth place. Wales has a good team with good experience that I feel will show in Israel. They are at an advantage as they a short drive from England so they have great competition very close to home.

Wales finished in 17th place overall and 2nd in the Plum Pool in 2014. The Welsh should be more improved and should be able to have a better performance in Israel than they did in 2014, especially after that great showing at the Euros in 2016.

Puerto Rico

These newcomers might be one of the better teams their first time around. Talent is certainly no issue for the Puerto Ricans. It's just a question as to how high of a level can they compete at. I am very excited to see Puerto Rico in Israel.

Puerto Rico has been doing some great things on the Island as they are really pushing the game. I really like seeing all the work that they have put in to grow the game and introduce it to the youth on the Island. 

In Puerto Ricos first World Championships they might be the most talented team out of the newcomers. I really can't wait to see how high of a level Puerto Rico can play at and against.

Bronze Group Schedule

Wales vs Bermuda - Thursday, July 12th

Wales vs Puerto Rico - Friday, July 13th

Bermuda vs Puerto Rico - Saturday, July 14th