The World is Coming to Coquitlam!

Photo Credit: Coquitlam Travel & Tourism

We are just weeks away from the 2018 Men's FIL World Championships in Netanya, Israel and we already have an announcement regarding the site of the 2022 World Championships.

Coquitlam, BC has been awarded the 2022 Men's FIL World Championships. This will be the third time that Coquitlam has hosted a FIL event as they played host to the Men's U19 Field Championships in 2008 and 2016.

This should be a great event as Coquitlam has been a great place for the U19 championships and I wouldn't expect any different for the 2022 World Championships. The only difference is the 2022 will be the first year there will be a cut. Since more and more countries are getting involved in lacrosse the FIL has decided to cap the World Championships at 30 teams starting in 2022.

There will be more information to come later as the number one priority for the FIL right now is the 2018 World Championship's in Netanya that start in under a month.