Styres Moving Knighthawks to Halifax?

Photo Credit: Rochester Knighthawks

Earlier this week Marisa Ingemi reported on Inside Lacrosse that Rochester Knighthawks owner Curt Styres would be the owner of a new Halifax expansion team. The Knighhawks would be sold to Pegula Sports who owns the Buffalo Bandits. 

The tables have turned as it has been reported by Marisa Ingemi and Inside Lacrosse that the Knighawks moving to Halifax is still on the table. Curt Styres would to move the franchise to Halifax instead of him getting an expansion franchise in Halifax. 

There have been rumors and talks of the NLL possibly getting an expansion franchise in Halifax for some time now. The league even has filed for a trade mark of the Halifax Privateers as well as the Boston Shamrocks. If Styres does move the Knighthawks to Halifax then I guess the league would have to put a new team in Rochester if they can.

Curt Styres would like to move the Knighthawks to Halifax as soon as next season. Apparently that is not what NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz wants or envisions but the NLL board of owners supports Styres and his ambitions to love the Knighthawks to Halifax. 

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