MLL All-Star Game: The Swag Factor

Photo Credit: Lacrosse All Stars

The MLL All-Star game will take place this Thursday, June 28th in Boston at Harvard Stadium. The game will feature the MLL All-Stars vs Team USA. This game will be the last test for Team USA before heading to Netanya, Israel for the FIL World Championships. The 2018 MLL All-Star game will be broadcast on ESPN 2 at 7PM ET.

Each team has their own uniforms made especially for this game. We are going to take a look at the swag that each team will be wearing in this game as well swag from previous MLL All-Star games.

2018 MLL All-Star Game

The swag that the MLL All Stars will be rocking this year is more different than ever. These uniforms feature gold chrome lids with navy blue jerseys and shorts with stars and gold accents. Personally, these may be my favorite MLL All-Star uniforms ever. 

Team USA will be wearing different unis in this game then they will be in Israel at the FIL World Championships. Team USA will be rocking some very american looking unis. The lids they have are matte navy blue and they have all white jerseys and shorts. I really like the clean look these have.

Blast From The Past

MLL All-Stars vs Team USA

Now lets look back at some of the swag that has been on display at past MLL All-Star games. We will first look at the 2014, 2010, and 2006 MLL All-Star games which also featured a Team USA vs MLL All-Stars match ups.


(Photo Credit: Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
In the photo above you can see Rob Pannell sporting the Team USA all white uniform with the grey helmets. Also, you can see Steve DeNapoli in the MLL All-Star "blackout" uniform with the all black everything and the blue and green shoulder. I really thought these Team USA unis were sweet but wasn't a fan of the MLLAll-Stars. I think if they would have made it all black they would have looked a lot better. 


(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
As you can see above, Chris Eck is sporting the MLL All-Star "Metro lacrosse" unis. I really like the reason for these as it was supposed to be in honor of the anniverseary of metro lacrosse. What I don't like is the design as it has a skyline on it. I would rather have seen it on the lower back rather than around the whole front. Alex Smith is seen above wearing the Team USA unis and they don't look to great. I like the stars on the side of the shorts and the color combo but that's it. Reminder that helmets have evolved a lot since then. 


(Photo Credit: Flickr)
Above you can see Casey Powell dodging against Brian Spallina. Powell is sporting the white Team USA unis that I have to say are pretty sweet. I like the all white with the blue and red accents everywhere. Spallina is rocking the MLL All-Star unis from that year and I can say that I like the pink helmets but the uniforms look bad with it. The green and navy blue jersey with white shorts and pink helmets just don't set well. 

Best of The Best

Lets take a look at some of the past MLL All-Star unis that I personally feel are the best we have seen. This will only include years when it was just MLL All-Stars and no Team USA. These are in no particular order. 


(Photo Credit: Sam Greenwood / Getty Images)

Above you can see Joe Walters and Jovan Miller in the 2012 MLL All-Star game. This was one of the years where they did an Old School vs Young Guns game. I really like the jerseys that they had for both squads. It really looks like a splash of bright colors and that was very fitting for that year since the game was played in Boca Raton.


(Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Brian Langtry is being guarded by Matt Bocklet in the 2009 MLL All-Star game in the above picture. This is another Old School vs Young Guns year and the unis are really sweet. I really like how they just had their team helmets and then the grey and black jerseys. The orange accents all over really make these stand out as well. These one were sweet. 


(Photo Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
The 2013 MLL All-Star game may have had the best "plain" uniforms I have ever seen. Now this was the year they named the teams Supernova and Eclipse. Supernova was i white and Eclipse was in black. The Eclipse uni that Brett Queener is sporting in the photo above is really nice as it was all black with gold numbers and orange shooter shirt. The Supernova uno that Kip Turner is wearing is all white with blue numbers and an orange shooter shirt. I really like how the orange shows right through on those. Also this is a year where wearing your teams helmet looks good.

Worst of the Worst

Here we will look at some of the past MLL All-Star unis that I personally think are the worst ones we have seen so far. 


(Photo Credit: Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)
As we seen in the above picture Tom Schreiber and John Haus sporting what my be the worst MLL All-Star uniforms of all time. These things have a solid color in the middle and camo on the sleeves and shorts. Personally I think these are the worst ever.


(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
The 2011 MLL All-Star jerseys are just strange. What even is that pattern, a bird or a very bad argyle job? Now, the colors look very good but I just can't get past the fact that the design is just plain weird. I know many people liked this design but I was one who most certainly did not. 


(Photo Credit: Marietta Daily Journal)
As we see Kevin Rice battling it out for a ground ball in the above picture you see the unis from last season in Sacramento. Personally I didn't like the 2017 MLL All-Star unis at all. They tried to be patriotic and all with the flag but it's just to much for me. I'm fine with the colors of the American flag, but don't ever attempt to make any sports jersey look like a flag as it usually turns out bad.