MLL All-Star Game Preview

Photo Credit: Boston Cannons

The MLL All-Star game will take place this Thursday, June 28th in Boston at Harvard Stadium. The game will feature the MLL All-Stars vs Team USA. This game will be the last test for Team USA before heading to Netanya, Israel for the FIL World Championships. The 2018 MLL All-Star game will be broadcast on ESPN 2 at 7PM ET.

This is going to be a very highly competitive game that will feature some of the best field lacrosse players in the world on both sides. Team USA is really an MLL All-Star team in itself as all of their players are current or former MLL players. There are guys on the MLL All-Star team that didn't make Team USA and feel like they have a chip on their shoulder. All of that combined makes for a very entertaining game that is sure to be filled with tons of action and great lacrosse.

MLL All-Star Roster

Attack: Dylan Malloy, Florida Launch
Attack: Kevin Rice, Atlanta Blaze
Attack: Will Manny, New York Lizards
Attack: Chris Cloutier, Denver Outlaws
Attack: Kieran McArdle, Florida Launch
Attack: Eric Law, Denver Outlaws
Attack: Davey Emala, Ohio Machine
Attack: Ben Reeves, Dallas Rattlers
Attack: Justin Guterding, Ohio Machine
A/M: Will Sands, Boston Cannona
Defense: Matt Dunn, Dallas Rattlers
Defense: Brian Karalunas, Ohio Machine
Defense: Matt Landis, New York Lizards
Defense: Michael Manley, Dallas Rattlers
Defense: Brandon Mullins, Boston Cannons
Defense: Scott Ratliff, Atlanta Blaze
Goalie: Austin Kaut, Florida Launch
Goalie: Kyle Bernlohr, Ohio Machine
Midfield: Matt Abbott, Chesapeake Bayhawks
Midfield: Connor Buczek, Florida Launch
Midfield: Mike Chanenchuk, Charlotte Hounds
Midfield: Zach Currier, Denver Outlaws
Midfield: Isiah Davis-Allen, Chesapeake Bayhawks
Midfield: Kyle Harrison, Ohio Machine * 
Midfield: Sergio Perkovic, Boston Cannons
Midfield: Jeremy Sieverts, Denver Outlaws**
Midfield: Austin Sims, Atlanta Blaze
Midfield: Joel Tinney, New York Lizards
Midfield: Joe Walters, New York Lizards
Faceoff: Stephen Kelly, Chesapeake Bayhawks
Faceoff: Joe Nardella, Atlanta Blaze

(*) - Kyle Harrison is currently injured
(**) - Jermey Sieverts is injured and asked to be put in the payer pool, he is no longer with Denver. 

Team USA Roster

(Team USA has their alternates on the roster for this game only)

Attack: Marcus Holman, Ohio Machine
Attack: Rob Pannell, New York Lizards
Attack: Ryan Brown, Charlotte Hounds
Attack: Matt Kavanagh, Denver Outlaws **
Attack: Ned Crotty, Dallas Rattlers
Attack: Jordan Wolf, Dallas Rattlers
Attack: Matt Danowski, Chesapeake Bayhawks
Defense: Joe Fletcher, New York Lizards
Defense: Jesse Bernhardt, Chesapeake Bayhawks
Defense: Tim Muller, Boston Cannons
Defense: Liam Byrnes, Atlanta Blaze **
Defense: Tucker Durkin, Florida Launch **
Defense: Kyle Hartzell, New York Lizards
Goalie: Jack Kelly, Denver Outlaws
Goalie: John Galloway, Dallas Rattlers
Midfield: Will Haus, Charlotte Hounds **
Midfield: Steve DeNapoli, New York Lizards
Midfield: Jacob Richard, Charlotte Hounds **
Midfield: Joel White, Dallas Rattlers
Midfield: Jake Bernhardt, Ohio Machine
Midfield: Tom Schreiber, Ohio Machine *
Midfield: Myles Jones, Chesapeake **
Midfield: Connor Kelly, Atlanta Blaze **
Midfield: Drew Snider, Denver Outlaws
Midfield: John Haus, Charlotte Hounds
Midfield: Michael Ehrhardt, Charlotte Hounds
Midfield: Kevin Unterstein, New York Lizards
Midfield: Paul Rabil, New York Lizards
Faceoff: Trevor Baptiste, Boston Cannons
Faceoff: Greg Gurenlian, Retired in 2017

(*) - Tom Schreiber is currently injured
(**) - Reserve