FIL World Championships Preview; Tan Pool

(Photo Credit: Lacrosse All Stars)

The 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships are just a few weeks away and I know everyone in the lacrosse world is very excited. This years FIL World Championships in Netayna, Israel will feature 46 countries that will compete for a Gold medal. This is the third of this series previewing each of the 14 pools and today we cover the Tan Pool. 

This is a pool that has a mix of things. We have three teams and there is a newcomer, established team with some success, and a team that is somewhat rising. It really is an interesting dynamic in this pool.


Turkey is a team that we haven't seen that much of since the 2014 World Championships in Denver. They did play in the Box Championships and the European Box Championships. So, they have been in some Box tournaments but we haven't seen much field play from them.

They do have the ability to surprise some people as they are usually pretty unpredictable team, especially this year. They have been doing a ton of homegrown development which is always great so I think we could actually see some pretty good play from them. 

Even though they are more unknown than other teams I still really like this team and that's because of who their coach is. Ryan Danehy is their head coach this year. He is one of the most respect people in lacrosse as he is an assistant coach at Penn and with the New York Lizards. I really like him as a coach and feel he can help this Turkish team achieve great things.

in 2014 Turkey finished 22nd overall and 3rd in the Grey Pool as they went 4-4. They were able to beat teams like Costa Rica, Austria, Slovakia, and Mexico. I feel that Turkey has the ability to take the next step here in 2018.


Italy has been rising every year since their international debut in 2006. They looked good in 2014 but they want to improve on that and take the next step up in Israel in 2018. 

Italy has been doing a lot of domestic growth as we see lacrosse in Italy grow pretty much every year. This is a good sign as it means we will see some pretty good Italian players here in 2018. That growth will be very beneficial if they can keep the numbers up, which has been hard in the past. 

We saw Italy in 2016 at the European Championships and they did look good. You could see that they had improved as they were able to compete and hang with some of those European powers that have dominated. That improvement should carry over to this year as we may see a more dominate Italian team in Israel.

In 2014 Italy finished 18th overall and 2nd in the Green Pool. Italy was able to put together a 5-3 record as they got wins over Norway, China, Mexico, Turkey, and Poland. I can really see Italy stepping it up here in 2018 and being able to be some bigger powers that they just couldn't get past in 2014. I really can't wait to see how much Italy has improved. 


What does this Peruvian team bring to the table in Israel? That is the question that everyone has about newcomers. Peru makes their debut here in 2018 and I am really excited to see another Pan-American team in here. The growth down there is alive and well. I know Peru should draw a lot of attention.

Nobody really knows much about this Peru team at all. They really haven't been seen before this World Championships. I know they will have a big hump to get over as every new team does. They were at the 2018 Heritage Cup which gives them a little experience.

That experience was very good for Peru as they did have a good amount of their national team players there. I really can't wait to see what Peru brings to the table and how they can grow and improve in the years to come. 

Tan Group Schedule

Italy vs Turkey - Thursday, July 12th

Turkey vs Peru - Friday, July 13th

Peru vs Italy - Saturday, July 14th