30 Lacrosse Players involved in Hazing Scandal at Air Force

Photo Credit: Michael Kaplan

The United States Air Force Academy has been conducting an internal investigation into a hazing scandal that involves the men's lacrosse program for some time now. The investigation started last October with coaches and players being suspended. That investigation is now over and actions are taking place.

The investigating into the hazing of freshman lacrosse players by upper classmen has determined that there were 30 players involved in the hazing. The Academy has stated that disciplinary action has taken place for several cadets involved. Some of the seniors involved were not allowed to graduate with the rest of the 2018 class. Their ability to receive commissions as an officer in the United State Air Force is currently under review.

Superintendent Lt. General jay Silvera told the Air Force Times " It's so important that...we expect [cadets] treat each other with respect and dignity."

During the 2018 season head coach Eric Seremet and many players were suspended because of this hazing issue and investigation. The Falcons finished the 2018 season with a 5-10 record under interim head coach Bill Wilson.

The Academy has taken disciplinary action with the players that were involved but Eric Seremet's status as it pertains to his coaching duties at Air Force has yet to be determined.