NLL Playoff Preview

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We have made it to the playoffs and it took the entire season to settle the east. I think that we are in for a real treat this weekend as the NLL playoffs get underway.
Also, who ever wins this year will get to hoist the brand new NLL trophy. Yes, it is a cup that you can drink out of like the old one. It just doesn't look like a cup.

Eastern Divisional Semifinal - Friday May 4th

Rochester vs New England (NLLTV)

   This will be a great game. These teams have seemed to have each other's numbers this season and a playoff battle just adds fuel to the fire. Rochester and New England could both take this game so I know it will be a battle until the end.

Western Divisional Semifinal

Colorado vs Calgary (NLLTV / Altitude TV)

   These two teams have a very rich playoff history that will not be set aside for this game. This could be the best game of the weekend as each team seems to be playing fantastic right now. Calgary is playing their best lacrosse of the season so I feel they might have a slight edge there. But, this game in in Denver at the loud house which is one of the most difficult places to play in the NLL. This will be one for the record books folks.

Tanner's Playoff Predictions

East Semifinal - Rochester

West Semifinal - Calgary

Eastern Finals - Georgia

Western Finals - Saskatchewan

NLL Finals - Saskatchewan

2018 NLL Playoff Bracket