Gameday! Ivy League Championship

Photo Credit: Yale Athletics

It's Ivy League Championship Day! The rematch that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived and we all hope that it will be as good as advertised.

Ivy League Championship

#1 Yale vs #2 Cornell

This Yale team has been showing no mercy at all since their loss to Bucknell a few weeks ago. Cornell has looked very hot as well. They have been scoring left and right with Mr. Jeff Teat controlling that entire unit. I honestly think that Yale is the more well rounded and complete team, but Cornell still has a chance to take down the Bulldogs.

Now this game can go many different ways in my eyes. We could see Yale dominate and pile on the points like in past weeks or we could see a more balanced game with each team going back and fourth. Another way we could see this game is as a slow one. If Yale can shut down Jeff Teat and force Cornell to the outside then I think that gives the Big Red a ton of clock time and they can eat that up. That is similar to what we saw in the Cornell vs Brown semifinal. I really hope we don't see that. Cornell could also shut down Yale like they did against Syracuse. We have seen them shut down teams and perform blowouts before. Who's not to say that we won't see that in this game.

No matter what kind of game it ends up being I just want to see a great game that can be like a cherry on top of all the conference tournaments. That would be a great treat before we focus solely on selection Sunday.

Sunday, May 6th
12:00 PM
Ivy League Championship          Host (Columbia)