College Tournament's; What's Going on?

Photo Credit: NJCAA

As you all know, it is May Madness and that means playoff time in lacrosse. While the NCAA Men's DI tournament gets the majority of the attention there is plenty of other great playoff lacrosse being played out there across all levels and divisions.



The DII tournament is the smallest out there due to the number of teams at the DII level. There is just a quarterfinal, semifinal, and final. That is pretty small for a college tournament. 

The first round, or quarterfinals, was held last weekend. In this first round we saw some pretty good games that included some very high level competitive lacrosse. Every single game was pretty close except of one. 

Quarterfinal Scores

North: 1. Merrimack 24 vs 4. NYIT 6,  2. Seton Hill 14 vs 3. Le Moyne 10

South: 1. Lenoir-Rhyne 14 vs 4. Colorado Mesa 12,  2. Saint Leo 12 vs 3. Tampa 11

Semifinal Games (May 20th)

North: 1. Merrimack vs 2. Seton Hill

South: 1. Lenoir-Rhyne vs 2. Saint Leo

Men's DII Bracket


The DIII tournament is the largest because they have so many teams at the DIII level. Every single game of this tournament has been great. Honestly the level of lacrosse being at the DIII level is just amazing, especially in May.

The quarterfinals were played yesterday and that set up what should be a great final four. In the quarterfinals and throughout the tournament we have seen some close games and some blowouts. Overall each game has been pretty good. 

Quarterfinal Scores

North: RIT 12 vs York 7,  Wesleyan 12 vs Tufts 11

South: Gettysburg 8 vs Ohio Wesleyan 5,  Salisbury 9 vs Dickinson 7

Semifinal Games (May 20th)

North: RIT vs Wesleyan

South: Gettysburg vs Salisbury

DIII Bracket


At the NAIA level lacrosse is not fully sanctioned yet. That is why their tournament is called the NAIA invitational. They do this to test out a sport before sanctioning it. I personally feel that we are just a few years from lacrosse be a fully sanctioned NAIA sport.

The tournament was the first at the college level to wrap up. This years NAIA Invitational was held at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI. The NAIA tournament showcased some of the best teams in the Nation. Every single one of these teams played very well each game and all season. If you haven't been watching NAIA lacrosse then you are seriously missing out. It is pretty much comparable to NCAA DII in my mind.


Reinhardt would defeat Madonna 8-7 in overtime to capture their second straight NAIA championship. Congrats to the Eagles on their back to back championships. 
Photo Credit: NAIA

NAIA Bracket


The NJCAA is the junior college (JUCO) championship. Many of the players that play at this level will eventually be playing at a high DI level. There are many very renown players that went the JUCO route instead of going straight to the NCAA level. Needless to say that NJCAA lacrosse can be very competitive and exciting. 

The NJCAA tournament concluded over the weekend as there were some great games throughout the course of the tournament. It was a great tournament that ended with a dynasty continuing. 


Onondaga defeated Nassau 11-9 to win their 11th NJCAA title. These two teams have been some of the best teams in the NJCAA over the years, but Onondaga has built a dynasty that is rarely stopped.

Photo Credit: NJCAA

NJCAA Bracket