Championship Weekend Set

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What a great weekend of lacrosse it was. We had the DI quarterfinals on Saturday and Sunday as well as the DII and DIII Semifinals. There was a ton of excitement surrounding every single game over the weekend. At the DI level there was much hype, but some of those DII and DIII games were just fantastic. Some have even said that the DIII games on Sunday were better than the DI games on Sunday. I'm not sure if I 100% agree with that point, but the DII games were great. At the DII level we had a close game and a not so close game. It really was a great weekend for lacrosse no matter how you look at it.

DI Quarterfinals

Go check out our latest post where we recap the DI quarterfinals on Sunday and on Saturday. Both days had some great action.

DI Semifinals

The semifinals will be played on Saturday at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. This years games will include all the top 4 seeds in the tournament as well as 4 of the preseason top 5 which is pretty crazy. One last cool stat is that Duke's Shawn Lowrie is the first Foxborough native to play in Championship weekend in Foxborough.

Albany vs Yale

Maryland vs Duke

DII Semifinals

The DII semifinals were great! We had one game that was very tight and remained that way pretty much the whole game long. Then the night cap game started close, but ended up not being that way as both teams were going back and fourth all game. It really was a great day for DII lacrosse.

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DII Championship

This is a very interesting match up here as Merrimack has been here before and Saint Leo is the newcomer. Merrimack is making their second straight trip to the DII National Championship and Saint Leo is making their first ever trip to the Championship. This should be interesting to see how this one pans out. 

Merrimack vs Saint Leo

DIII Semifinals

The DIII Semifinals were both great games. In the first game you had a team comeback from a hug deficit and almost get the victory. Also, a team took their first loss of the season. In the second game it was close all the way down to the final buzzer. It really was a great day for some DIII lacrosse action.

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DIII Championship

This is going to be a fun game here. The dynasty of Salisbury will face a very good Wesleyan team. Needles to say these teams will most likley go after it hard and this will be a great game. Can Wesleyan stop Salisbury from becoming back-to-back NCAA National Champions? We will just have to wait and see.

Salisbury vs Wesleyan