Wednesday Notebook; Hampton Takes a Close Loss, Beware of The Bisons

Bucknell Athletics

   We had two DI college games today. Only one was actually between two DI teams. Yale vs Bucknell was the headliner game for today but also Hampton had a game as well. Hampton took on Chowan, a DII school out of North Carolina. The Hampton vs Chowan game was really close and we had a thriller in New Haven!

Hampton 17, Chowan 19

   The Hampton Pirates welcomed the Chowan Hawks to Hampton, VA for a Wednesday afternoon showdown. The Hawks came out pretty strong as they went up 3-1 early in the first quarter. The Pirates eventually got on the board as they scored two goals late in the first. At the end of the first quarter it was 3-2 with Chowan in the lead. In the second quarter both teams really heated up. Between the two team there were 13 goals scored in the second quarter alone! That is some major offense from both squads. Each team had different scoring runs. It seems that Hampton would go on a three to four goal run and then Chowan would do the same. The second quarter really was back and fourth. At the half the score was 10-8 with Chowan in the lead. The second half saw the same kind of scoring from both teams. At the end of the third the game was all knotted at 14-14. The fourth quarter is really where this game was won. Hampton scored three goals and Chowan knotted five goals. In all Chowan just out shot Hampton in the fourth and got the 19-17 win.

   Just go throw the tweets from this game and see how many goals there were! It's a lot.

   Some of the guys that really stepped up for Chowan were Anthony Alfonso, Noah Holloway, Nick Lavoy, and Alex Clabaugh. Alfonso was their leading scorer as he put up 8 goals along with 2 assist and got 5 ground balls. Holloway had 4 goals and 4 assist along with 1 ground ball. Lavoy notched up 5 goals and 1 assist while Calbaugh had 2 goals and 1 assist.

   For Hampton their top contributors were Elliot Johnson, Jonothan Napier, Kendall Sapp, and Josh Square. Johnson had lead the Pirates in scoring as he had 6 goals and an assist to go along with it. Napier found the back of the net 2 times as he had 2 goals and 1 ground ball. Napier has been their best player this year, in my opinion. Sapp had 2 goals, 3 assist, and 3 ground balls. Josh Square ended the game with a total of 2 goals.

   One thing That I have seen from both of these teams is that there were multiple guys that contributed. Chowan had a slightly smaller number of guys that contributed in the goal scoring category than Hampton. The goalies also played pretty well too. Each team played two different goalies. I know I would if the offense was putting up those kinds of numbers. In the goal for Hampton was Kevin Mondy JR., and Paxton Powell. Mondy had 10 saves while Powell had 4 saves. For Chowan their two guys they used between the pipes were Zach Mueller and Austin Lee. Mueller had 10 saves while Lee had 7.

   Looking at the team stats you can really see how much both teams struggled in many areas. The one that sticks right out is turnovers. Hampton had 11 turnovers while Chowan had 18. Hampton obviously did better in this category than Chowan, but still you never want to be in the double digits in the turnover category. In the clearing game Hampton clearly did better. The Pirates went 17-19 while the Hawks went 15-21. One area where both teams were almost even was at the faceoff dot. Hampton 20 and Chowan won 19. For Hampton Aaron Brown did most of the work as he went 12-28. Preston Randolph and DT Trowell also pitched in. For all you Kentucky people out there, DT played at Kentucky Country Day in Louisville and is a walk-on. Skylar Brisco did most of the work for Chowan as he went 18-37. Xavier Wingfield also pitched in as well.

   In all, this was a very back and fourth game that Chowan just got the last bit of. Hampton is still in their transition from club to DI and they have gotten better each game. As I have said before I am rooting for Hampton and hope they can build to have a whole lot of success. The nest game for Hampton will be on Saturday when they take on Cleveland State, another 2nd year DI program, on the road.

Yale 9, Bucknell 8

   As predicted this game was a very close one. In fact, this game was so close we needed overtime to decide a winner. The No. 14 ranked Bucknell Bison come into New Haven and take down the No. 3 ranked Yale Bulldogs. This game was a close one, but was also a game of runs. It seemed that every quarter there would be one team going on a 3-4 goal run and then another team would answer. The only quarters where one team didn't score were he second and third quarters where Bucknell had a goose egg in the score column. 

   The first quarter was pretty even as Yale started off the scoring but then Bucknell went on a three goal run. In the second quarter it was all Yale. The Eli's went on a 3-0 run in the second. That gave Yale a 4-3 lead heading into halftime. The second half is where the game started to get really interseting.  Bucknell started off the third quarter very hot as they went on a 4 goal run. Yale eventually stopped their run, but not for long. The third quarter ended with a Bucknell goal snd then a Yale goal to cap off the quarter. At the end of the third quarter Bucknell held a 8-6 lead. This fourth quarter was going to be crucial. Well, Yale controlled the fourth quarter as they scored with 14:22 to make it 8-7. Nobody would score until Yale's Ben Reeves tied the game at 9 with1:38 in the fourth. That would ultimately be the goal that sent this game into overtime. The game winning goal came from Bucknell's Sean O'Brein with 1:02 in the OT period. Just like that Bucknell upset Yale in New Haven! 

   Some guys that really played well for Bucknell were Sean O'Brein and Connor O'Hara. O'Brein had 4 goals, 1 assist, and 3 ground balls while O'Hara put up 4 goals, 2 assist, and 1 ground ball. The O's were very good for the Bisons tonight. One guy that didn't make as much an impact as people thought was Bucknell senior attackman Will Sands. Sands has been their best payer all year and Yale stopped him. I liked that Sands still had 3 assist tonight. That really shows that he can feed when he is the guy that draws the side.

   The impact players for Yale were Ben Reeves and Jackson Morrill. Reeves has been the best player in the Ivy for a few years now. Reeves had 2 goals, 3 assist, and 1 ground ball. Morrill put up 2 goals and had 1 ground ball. These two guys have been the clear best players for Yale all season long and most know that. One thing that I would have liked to see more of from Yale was assist.

   In between the pipes both goalies had a pretty good day. Bucknell's goalie Christian Klipstein saw 19 shots on goal and he saved 11 of them. Obviously, he let 8 goals go past him. One of his saves was very crucial as it was in overtime when you need to make a play. Yale's goalie Jack Starr had 9 saves of 18 shots. He only let 9 goals in obviously. His best quarter was the second when he had 4 saves.

   At the faceoff dot it was a battle that Yale's Connor Mackie won. Mackie went 13-19 at the faceoff dot opposed to Bucknell's Jarrett Witzal who went 6-19. Yale had a clear advantage at the faceoff dot in this game. Honestly, I expected them to as Connor Mackie has been very good.

   As far as team stats go it seems to be all over the place. Yale had an edge in man-up offense as they went 3-5 and Bucknell went 1-5. In turnovers Bucknell looked better. Yale had 13 turnovers and Bucknell only had 8. Bucknell was better in the clearing game as well. Yale went 12-17 in the clearing game and Bucknell went 14-15.

   This really was a game that could have gone either way. Both of these teams are very good and can win their conferences. In the end Bucknell just had more firepower and made fewer mistakes which helped them down the stretch. So, Bucknell takes the first ever meeting between these two schools. Just goes to show that in lacrosse anything can happen.

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This puts into perspective how crazy the 2018 season and the Patriot League has been.