Sunday Recap; Maryland Gets The W in Happy Valley, Rutgers Dominates

Aabha Vora / The Daily Collegian

  We had some pretty good gmaes that included two TV games. the day started off with Rutgers vs Michigan on ESPNU. That game was dominated by Rutgers as the Scarlet Knights stepped on the gas all game.
Also, we had a good NEC matchup and then a great game between Penn State and Maryland in another edition of Sunday Night Lacrosse on BTN.

Rutgers 16, Michigan 8

    The Scarlet Knights came ready to play and Michigan not so much. Rutgers came out fast a furious as they just poured it on the entire first half. The halftime score was 8-0 Rutgers. The second half looked to be no different at the beginning. Rutgers came out and scored four goals right away. Michigan did not have a goal until the 10:58 mark of the third quarter, that is insane. After that first goal for Michigan each tea scored twice more before the end of the third. In the fourth Rutgers only scored twice, but they didn't really need much anyways. The Scarlet Knights were up 14-3 heading into the fourth. Michigan ended the game looking pretty good as they had a five goal run in the fourth. The most impressive players for each team were Kieran Mullins, Rutgers, and Alex Buckanavage. Mullins had 8 goals and 1 assist for the Scarlet Knights as he lead them to victory. Michigan's Buckanavage had 3 goals and 1 assist as he seemed to be the guy that brought the most firepower today. Rutgers next game will be on next Sunday as they take on Maryland in some Sunday Night Lacrosse action. Michigan will play bitter rival Ohio State next Saturday.

Saint Joseph's 14, Sacred Heart 12

   This was a close game that was pretty much tight the whole way. No team ever really made a big run in this game.The biggest run was a three goal run that each team seemed to make. It really was back and fourth the whole way. At the half the score was 7-6 in favor of Sacred Heart as they went on a three goal run to end the half. The game ended with Saint Joseph's going on a three goal run to grab a two goal lead. Sacred Heart would then pull back within one but Saint Joseph's would have the last say as the scored to go up two with only a minute left in the game. Saint Joseph's Shane Fable lead the team with 4 goals and 1 assist. Sacred Heart's leader was Joe Saggese as he had 4 goals and 1 assist. The next game for Saint Joseph's will be against Bryant at home on Saturday in what should be a good battle. Sacred Heart will play Wagner at home on Saturday.

Penn State 12, Maryland 13

   Wow, that is all you can say about this game. It was a very good back and fourth game that went right down to the wire. Both teams had equal and many opportunities to win this one but Maryland got the upper hand tonight. This is what Sunday Night Lacrosse is all about. As I said this game was very back and fourth. Every time it seemed that one team had the lead secured the other would come back. At the half the score was 6-5 in favor of Penn State. The second half saw each team go on little mini runs, but nobody fully took control. Maryland really just had the upper hand in the end as Connor Kelly lead the Terps with 6 goals and 1 assist. For Penn State Mac O'Keefe was stellar as he had 4 goals. This game really was a battle between two of the best teams in the country and could have gone any which way. Maryland will have to face Rutgers next week in another Sunday Night Lacrosse game. Next up for Penn State is a matchup with John's Hopkins.