Gameday! Syracuse vs Hobart

Syracuse Athletics

   It's Tuesday and we have college lacrosse on the schedule for today. Some of these games today are actually pretty good. The one that sticks out the most is Syracuse vs Hobart.
These two teams have a rivalry that goes way back to the days of bucket helmets. These two teams used to really go at it. Now days Cuse dominates this game and it has become less of  rivalry. We also have some other really good games in Monmouth vs Lafayette and Stony Brook vs St. John's. Those should both be good competitive games.

Monmouth vs Lafayette

     Monmouth currently sits with a 4-5 record as Lafayette has a 2-9 record. Monmouth is a top dog in their conference and Lafayette is not. I really think Monmouth should take this game. It will not be easy as Lafayette does have a good D, but I just feel Monmouth is the better team. 

Syracuse vs Hobart

   A new chapter in the Kraus-Simmons Trophy will be written tonight. As I said, this is an old rivalry that has been pretty one sided for a while. I think this year will be another Syracuse win as they have been pretty good in recent weeks. This one is also at Syracuse, so the Dome God's will be in full effect now that basketball season is over. Syracuse should get this win pretty easy no doubt. Hobart has played alright this year bu no where near the level of the Orange.

   I just Hope Syracuse doesn't do to Hobart what they did to Syracuse last year.

Stony Brook vs St. John's 

   These two teams have two opposite storylines this year. St. John's has been better than normal this season and Stony Brook has been worse than in recent years. Neither is the top dog in their conference though. In this game I really like St. John's just because they are doing so well this season. Stony Brook always looks like they can do something but end up losing. This will be a good NYC Metro battle no matter what.

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