We are Launching a Podcast!

   We have started a new podcast!
The KY Preps Lacrosse Podcast is where I sit down and talk about everything that is going on with the high school lacrosse scene here in the state of Kentucky. We are very happy and proud to finally be able to bring you all a good quality podcast that talks specifically about high school lacrosse in Kentucky. This first episode is very long and not the best put together, but it's a start. Like everything in life it takes time. We have only released one episode so far so please give us your feedback, we would really appreciate it. I am very excited about this and hope you all really enjoy it.

Goals for the KY Preps Lacrosse Podcast:

  • Promote the sport in the state with positivity
  • Bring more coverage and attention to the high school game here in KY
  • Highlight different teams and get different kids recognition that they deserve
  • Give people a different medium to consume our content

KY Preps Podcast Episode 1: