The Lacrosse Scheduling Debate

Zach Babo / Inside Lacrosse

    This topic has been a hot button one for a while now. Many people have many different views on this topic. It seems like every year we talk about it for a little bit and then it dies down. I have seen college coaches and high school coaches a like talk about this topic heavily through the years.
I really just wanted to put out my view on this and what I think about it. My view is obviously different than other peoples view on this.

   I pay attention to the game year round all the time. I pay attention to and watch College, High School, MLL, NLL, International, and Canadian College, and Summer Box. I really do pay attention to the sport of lacrosse every single day of the year. So, my view of the schedule will be really different from that of someone who only watches college or high school.

   For me, the season starts when the NLL season starts. This year the NLL started in mid December which was their earliest start date ever. The season really ends I feel when the MLL ends in mid August. So, I view the lacrosse season going from Mid December to Mid August. That is not how most people view a full lacrosse season. Most people view each league or level as their own season, which is true.

Here is how I think the season should look, starting with the NLL and MLL then getting into College and High School.


  The NLL started in December this year, which is great. I really think they could move it up to November. I am thinking that the NLL could start the weekend after Thanksgiving and then they would go to the first of second week of April. That is pretty much the same amount of time as they already have. Just move the season up about 3-4 weeks and your all good. I would really like that.


   The MLL starts the third week of April this year, like it usually has. The first few weeks of the season are good but not great, because of guys like Lyle Thompson and Tom Schreiber still in the NLL. I really think that the MLL season could be pushed back one week and start the last week of April. That would work well with my NLL schedule, because it would give guys up to 3 weeks of rest from the NLL. 


   The College season has been the most discussed of any season. You have people that like it how it is and you have guys that want to push it back. I really like the February 1st start date and the Memorial Day weekend finish. One thing I would change here is make Feb. 1 the universal start date. The NCAA has no official start date for lacrosse, we are the only sport that doesn't have one. The Ivy league in DI and the NESCAC in DIII are two conferences that I know start later than everyone else, I really don't like that at all. So, we need to keep the season as is but make February 1st the universal start date.

High School

   Here is Kentucky we are in the south. Pretty much every state in the south starts the season the first week of March. I think Florida might start a week or two earlier but hey they got that sun. I feel that we need a universal start date for high school. I think it is ridiculous that there are states like Massachusetts that just started practice this week. That is insane, it's almost April people. I understand the cold weather and all that, but you can learn to shovel a field or find an indoor sports complex. I am sure Bill Belichick would love to have some Mass. High School games at the Patriots indoor facility. Now, I think the universal start date for high school should be March 1st, or the week of March 1st. That would have the high school season ending the first or second week in June. That is really along the lines with what most states already do. I like that idea. This would also allow time with your high school team while not taking away from the club season.

Here is a Schedule that I created that shows how all this would work:

League / Level
Start Dame
End Date
Saturday after Thanksgiving
Second Saturday in April
February 1st
Memorial Day
Fourth Saturday in April
Third Saturday in August
High School
March 1st
First or Second Week in June