Midweek Notebook: Crazy Weather and #SCTop10 Plays

Harvard Athletics

   The Lacrosse God's have been very good to us this week of lacrosse and we haven't even reached the weekend yet. We have had at least one game on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. Every day has given us some great lacrosse and that is awesome. Tuesday night was the best night and it was crazy!


           We had two Lacrosse goals that made Sports Center on Tuesday night. Bates Lacrosse had a BTB pass to BTB goal that was the No. 1 play of the night. Boston U. had a great goal that ended up being the No. 6 play of the night. Really, it was a great night for lacrosse on a national stage.

Monday, March 19th

Wagner 15, Hampton 3

     On a Monday afternoon Wagner welcomed Hampton to Staten Island for a little lacrosse action. Hampton was facing their first DI opponent of the season. Wagner was clearly too much to handle for the second year Hampton program. I really did like how Hampton played. Even though they were down they still seemed to be fighting. I love that! I also really liked how well Wagner was playing and taking advantage of every opportunity Hampton game them. I really do think both teams have improved tremendously and that was great to see. Also, I loved the fact that there was a 100% good stream with stats for a 1PM game on a Monday. Shoutout to the Wagner SID people for that one.

Tuesday, March 20th

Albany 19, Canisius 11

     The Dane train got rolling early this week, but they had some trouble getting it started. Canisius started off really hot a jumped out to a lead. Many people had their heads turned and tuned into this game. Albany quickly got the Dane Train started as Connor Fields single handedly erased a 4 point deficit. The man is a pure magician on the lacorsse field. After Fields did his thing and the other main guys got involved Albany started to take off. A lot of the second half was played by 2nd and 3rd string guys for the Danes. Again, the Dane Train keeps on rolling!

Hartford 12, Quinnipiac 8

      This was an up and down game or sure. There were times when Quinnipiac looked like they could take it and time where Hartford looked like they could take it. This really was a good game between two pretty even teams. I really liked how Quinnipiac had to come back a little at one point. Really, both teams played very well and it was a great game.

Virginia 12, Dartmouth 6

      Virginia welcomed Dartmouth to Charlottesville, VA on Tuesday afternoon for what would be a pretty good game. This game started off pretty slow as neither team really got an edge at all. It really was a slower back and forth game in the first half. Out of halftime the wahoos just started rolling. Virginia's first half compared to the second half was like night and day. The Cavs ultimately got ahead and never really looked back. Dartmouth went on a little run in the 4th, but Virginia ended that as they put in the dagger to end this one.

Fairfield 12, NJIT 8

   This game had a few different runs in it. Fairfield got off to a good start. NJIT really didn't do too much in the first half of this game. As the end neared NJIT started to vamp it up and got some nice things going. However, Fairfield stopped that through in the dagger and got the win.

Hofstra 8, Lehigh 13

      This was one of the most highly anticipated games this week. Both of these teams are really good and both are ranked. Lehigh came into Hempstead, NY wanting to get a good win on Long Island. Hofstra really wanted to get this win as it was needed for them. Lehigh really just gave it to Hofstra early but the pride fought back. This was actually a really good game and one fo the best of the week. Lehigh really just had the upper hand here which propelled them to victory.

Penn 9, Bucknell 8

      This one was a battle that no one was able to see. With snow in Philly this game had to be moved indoors and with no stream. Both of these teams are very good and I expected a close game like this. Both teams have very high powered offense, which I love. This game was a close one and i really hate that it was streamed or anything. Penn has a really great offense and defense and they showed that yet again in this game.

Harvard 19, Boston U. 18

      What a game this was. As this game started Both teams looked to be pretty even as no one really got ahead by much. Boston U. ended the first half on a good note as they hit a a shot with one second left. In the second half Boston U. went on a run and Harvard seemed to be down for good. With six minutes in the game Harvard was down by six goals. The Crimson would come all the way back and tied the game with one minute left in the game. Boston U. would win the faceoff, call a timeout, and couldn't get anything done in the last 41 seconds. Harvard's Morgan Cheek finished off the comeback as he hit the game winning goal in overtime. That goal gave Cheek 13 points which is a new Harvard record for points in a single game.

Holy Cross 8, Brown 19

      This game wasn't much of a game for long. Brown got out ran and scored. Holy Cross really did not match up with Brown well at all. Honestly, I did not expect much of a game here anyway. Brown I think was able to show the hurt that they can still put on people.