Looking Back at Bowling Green State Lacrosse

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   I came across this video the other day that was all about Bowling Green State's varsity lacrosse program that existed from 1965-1979.
So, Bowling Green had Lacrosse at the varsity level for around 15 years. That honestly is something that I did not know. I knew of schools like Morgan State, Boston College, and NC State that used to have programs, but I didn't know about Bowling Green State.

   If you didn't know, Bowling Green State, BGSU, is a public university in Bowling Green, Ohio. BGSU's mascot is the Falcons and they have had some pretty good success in Football. They are in the MAC conference and are Division 1. They also have a pretty respectful DI Hockey program up there as well.

  Their Lacrosse program ran from 1965-1979. So, BGSU was DI NCAA for the first NCAA tournament in 1971. The team was actually pretty good. They won over 75% of their games and they won three conference championships. BGSU was in the Midwest Lacrosse Association. They were also ranked in the top 25 a few times as well. In 1970 they were ranked in the top 10! That is really cool. I noticed that they played teams like Ohio State, Kenyon College, Denision, and other midwest teams. I am not 100% sure on this, but I'm pretty sure I saw they played Syracuse one season.

  It turns out that the video I cam across was made for a reunion of old players and coaches from the BGSU program. Come to find out, US Lacrosse actually gave BGSU lacrosse their own pillar at their new headquarters in Sparks, MD. That is pretty cool. The US Lacrosse HQ has a bunch of pillars around at different spots and they commemorated different pillars to people or teams. So, if you ever get a chance to go there you need to check out the BGSU pillar.

 I was able to find an article on the BGSU website that talked about the Lacrosse program.

 Legacy of BGSU Lacrosse Celebrated

BGSU Lacrosse Videos: