KY High School Rankings: Week 4

Gaige Scott Powers

   Week 4 was a very odd and interesting week and it has nothing to do with lacrosse. I am pretty sure we had just as many cancelations as we did game this week.
The snow came down hard starting on Monday and through Tuesday night. That meant that pretty much all games on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were cancelled. There were even some Thursday games that were cancelled as well. The first sight of action that included more than one game was on Friday and Saturday. So, it was just a weird week for everyone and I hope this is the last of winter weather that hits the Commonwealth. This made for some interesting games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Many teams had little to no practice this week which can really set you back. That is why kids need to hit the wall every day at home, no matter the weather. I am just really glad that we were able to play some games this weekend.

1. St. Xavier (5-1)

      The Tigers were able to knock off a very tough Cathedral (IN) team on Saturday as they won by a score of 11-2. This week they will have a huge test as they play Trinity on Wednesday.

2. Trinity (5-2)

      The Rocks had two games this week as they traveled to play Loveland (OH) on Friday and then Moeller (OH) at home on Saturday. Trinity beat Loveland (OH) 18-8 and lost 10-5 to Moeller (OH). The Rocks have a huge game this week as they take on St. Xavier on Wednesday.

3. Lexington Catholic (6-2)

      The Knights took one loss to Loveland (OH) last week. That was their second loss of the year, but they still have zero losses to KY teams. They will take on Summit Country Day (OH) on Monday, that game was rescheduled from Saturday. They will also play Dunbar on Wednesday.

4. Henry Clay (5-2)

      The Blue Devils had some cancellations last week but they were able to take on Seneca Valley (PA) on Sunday. That game would ultimately not go in their favor as they lost 6-3. They have one game this week as they take on Tates Creek on Wednesday.

5. Eastern (4-1)

      The Eagles had some cancelations this week just like everyone else. They played Elder (OH) on Friday and took their first loss 10-8. The Eagles will take on Oldham County on Monday and South Oldham on Wednesday.

6. Louisville Collegiate (1-1)

7. Male (4-2)

8. Christian Academy Lou. (3-2)

9. Northern KY LC (3-0)

10. Fredrick Douglas (5-1)

11. Oldham County (3-2)

12. Manual (5-2)

13. South Oldham (3-2)

14. North Oldham (2-2)

15. Madison County LC (6-2)

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