KY High School Rankings: Week 2

  We are now through two weeks of HS lacrosse action here in Kentucky.
This week we have made sure that our rankings are more accurate than last weeks. I know we had some comments about certain teams being ranked in certain spots, or not being ranked. I want to thank all of you that commented for you feedback. This is very difficult early in the season, especially in a state like Kentucky where it is hard to find scores from every team.  Each week we will strive to put out better and more accurate rankings. I personally feel that these rankings this week are pretty accurate and reflect what has happened in the past week. I am very reactionary in my rankings, so there may be big changes every week. That is just how I look at team and rank them.

1. Trinity (2-1)

      The Shamrocks were able to beat two very good Tennessee teams, Montgomery Bell and Christian Brothers, in week one but they were stopped this past week. Trinity had to go up against the #1 team in the country, Culver. Culver has kids from all over the US and Canada. They are extremely talented and have kids committed to places like Denver, Syracuse, Hopkins, and many more. I believe they have 21 DI commits this year. So, obviously nobody expect Trinity to win this game at all. 

2. St. Xavier (2-1)

      In week one St.X got a win over Christian Brothers in week one and then defeated South Oldham in a midweek game last week. St.X was stopped by Culver as well. Again, Culver is very talented and has all those DI commits and St.X was not favored to win this game either. 

3. Lexington Catholic ( 4-0 )

      Lexington Catholic has been rolling through the first two weeks of the season. They were able to get a dominating win over CAL in week one. In this second week of the season the Knights absolutely devoured Woodford County and Martha Layne Collins. Lexington Catholic finished off week two with an 8-7 victory over St. Louis University Jesuit (Mo).

4. Henry Clay (4-0)

      Henry Clay is a team that I had as #2 in the preseason because they won the KLA in 2017, and preseason was based off last year and a little bit of this year. I did not have the Blue Devils in last weeks rankings because no score had been updated by Sunday night when I was doing the rankings. Well, this week we have all the teams scores so Henry Clay is back in. The Blue Devils were able to defeat George Washington (WV) during week one. Then in week two they defeated Covington Catholic, North Oldham, and St. Louis Univ. (MO). 

5. Eastern (2-0)

      Eastern played Ballard and M.L. Collins this week and beat them both. Eastern dominated both games as they won 14-4 over Ballard and 18-3 over M.L. Collins. 

6. Christian Academy Louisville (1-1)

7. Collegiate (0-1)

8. Male (2-1)

9. NKY LC (2-1)

10. Dunbar (2-2-1)

11. Madison County LC (4-0)

12. Fredrick Douglas (3-1)

13. Bryan Station (1-0)

14. Manual (2-1)

15. South Oldham (1-1)



  1. These do look a lot more accurate this week.

  2. Agree, these are certainly a better snapshot of the state rankings. Like to see teams play better competition besides X and Trinity. Lexington Cath, Henry Clay should try for a top tier team to get a feel of big time lacrosse.

    1. I am glad to see that more schools are starting to play decent treats from TN and IN this year. Trinity and St.X will obviously have the toughest schedules but it’s good to see other schools vamp it up a little too.

  3. Obviously everyone respects X &T for getting the #1 team in the country on their schedules, however, it seems apparent to me that the softest games on everyone’s schedules are the required divisional games. While the Louisville two DO have amazing competition, all four teams (mentioned above) play opponents from 5 different States and have obviously gone out of their way to “get a feel of big time lacrosse”.

  4. Just because you play an out of state team doesn't make it a a good game. When teams reach out and go down the list of top Midwest teams and put them on the schedule then the game in state becomes serious. X and Trinity will roll and everyone falls in line. You are correct that division games are the weakest.... Why?? It's because those teams can't get numbers to play or when the last regular scheduled game is done so are they until 3 weeks before the season. Everyone wants to say we won't be legit until we are sanctioned, but with the disparity of the teams I do t think that will happen any time soon.


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