KY High School Rankings: Week 1

Trinity High School 

        It's been one week since the start of the High School season here in the Bluegrass State.
Here are our week 1 rankings. It will be tough to accurately rank teams these first couple weeks but as the season progresses it will get easier. We are only going to do a top 15, not all 30+ teams like preseason rankings were.

  1. Trinity
  2. St. Xavier
  3. Lexington Catholic
  4. Louisville Male
  5. Kentucky Country Day
  6. South Oldham
  7. Covington Catholic
  8. Lexington Dunbar
  9. Louisville Collegiate
  10. Ballard
  11. Eastern
  12. NKY LC
  13. Manual
  14. Tates Creek
  15. North Oldham


  1. Tates Creek is 0-2. They lost by 8 and 7. Their best player is no longer with the program. Ranked 14.

    Henry Clay was preseason #2 and they won their only game. Unranked.

    Could you elaborate on how these rankings are determined?

  2. The Pre season rankings were determined mostly based on last years performance since nobody had played any games yet. The rankings will get more accurate and better as the season goes on. Fact is Trinity and St.x play much better teams than the rest of the state that is why they are always top teams. Also, if people would actually report scores of games it would be nice. I realize Tates creek is 0-2 but I heard from people that they are better than that. If they loose again they will be out of rankings. Its just the first set. rankings will shake out as season goes on

  3. Just for your all's knowledge.

    I rank these teams on talent, record, and who they beat. If you beat a good team you deserve to be ranked.

  4. Louisville Male gets beat 22-8 by Christian Academy last night

  5. Unranked Henry Clay just smoked #7 Cov Cath. Shocker.

  6. Cov Cath was beat by Male.... Whats that say about Cov Cath? CAL should be considered.

  7. Cal lost 21-9 on Saturday to Lex Cath. That is why I didn't consider them this week.

  8. You can’t expect rankings to be perfect in week one. Male should have 10 pieced CovCath and played CAL closer. I also heard the same thing about Tate’s Creek being better than scores suggest. CAL should have played LexCath MUCH closer.

    Rankings are necessary for every week of the season but can’t be completely accurate until all teams are 5-8 games into a season. Plus there is a “have you seen them play” factor.


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