Gameday! Jersey vs Upstate Battle

Bobby Eilers /

   We have three game on this Sunday. We have UMBC vs Stony Brook, Rutgers vs Syracuse, and Cleveland State vs Duke. The biggest game will be Rutgers vs Syracuse, as that will be a great game against two great teams.

UMBC vs Stony Brook

      This should be a win for UMBC here. Stony Brook hasn't had the best year and I don't expect any major changes, considering the way they have been playing. UMBC has been really good on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. I really think UMBC should take this one with ease.

Rutgers vs Syracuse

      This game will b a very good and competitive one. Both teams are coming off of losses against rivals last weekend. Syracuse got destroyed by Hopkins last Saturday and Rutgers had a heart breaking loss to Princeton in OT. Both team will be looking to use all their firepower to get a win.

Cleveland State vs Duke

      This will be the second game for Duke in two days. They had a tough test against Towson yesterday, but came out victorious. Duke may be tired but they are still a very dominant team and should win this game. Cleveland State will be looking to compete with the Blue Devils. I really like both of these teams. Who knows, this could be a trap game for Duke?

Sunday, March 18th
12:00 PM
Stony Brook

Sunday, March 18th
1:00 PM
Sunday, March 18th
1:00 PM
Cleveland State