What Schools Should add Lacrosse Next?

Welcome to part 4 of this 5 part series. Today we are going to list off numbers 16-20 in our list of schools that we think should and could add men's lacrosse.

I love how much diversity we have had in the geography of the schools on this list. We have named schools from out west, in the northeast, the south, and the Midwest. I think that would be the biggest plus to a lot of these schools adding men's lacrosse. It would really ramp up the growth of the sport to a level that we could only dream of. I would really love to see that. So, let's get into today's portion of our list of schools.

Here is the list of #'s 16-20.

16. University of Colorado

- Have a women's team

- Very successful men's club team

- Could easily transition to DI like Michigan did

- Booming Lacrosse community in that state

17. University of Florida

- Good women's program

- Have the brand and Money

- Could help grow the sport in Florida and the SEC

- Lacrosse is booming in Florida

18. University of Minnesota

- Has a great Hockey program

- Big Ten already has lacrosse

- Has good facilities

- Could create a good cross-state rivalry with Marquette

19. Boston College

- Had a program back in the day

- Have a ton of talent in their backyard

- Only big school in Massachusetts that doesn't have lacrosse

- Have a very good women's program

- ACC would get another team in

20. Stanford

- Has a women's program

- Would promote PAC-12 sponsorship of the sport

- SoCal is a booming growth area

- Very attractable school for recruits

- Could get a ton of west coast kids