What Schools Should add Lacrosse next?

Welcome into the third part of this five part series on what schools should add lacrosse next. We continue the same thing as we have been doing for the past two post now. That is continue to list that we have been building the past two parts to this series. In the first post we had #'s 1-5 and then we had 6-10 in the second part of this series. Today we will list #'s 11-15 on our list that will eventually grow to be 25 schools. If you have noticed that basically all the schools that we have mentioned have very similar reasons as to why they should add lacrosse. That trend will continue in the schools that we name today.

Here is your list of schools from 11-15.

11. University of Miami (The U)

- Would be able to play in the ACC and give them an auto bid

- Easy to recruit to

- Have the facilities

- Most recognizable brand in College athletics world wide

12. University of Texas

- Lacrosse is booming in Texas

- Very profitable athletic department

- Have the $ and facilities

13. University of Arkansas

- Have big time alums who have already invested in lacrosse
     - Jerry Jones

- Could help jumpstart massive growth in that state

- Could get top talent from surrounding states like TX

- Have the facilities to play lacrosse

14. Morgan State University

- Previously had a team

- would help push the sport forward in the HBCU world

- In a prime area (Baltimore)

15. Boise State

- Would help growth over in Idaho

- Could scoop up some talent from Canada

- Have the brand and facilities

- Could push the Mountain West Conference to add lacrosse