What Schools Care the Most About Lacrosse?

    So, This is a pretty debatable question. What schools care the most about lacrosse? Obviously, Hopkins and Syracuse are the top two in this argument but what about the beyond those two schools. So, Let's dive into this and churn out our list of the top ten schools that care the most about the sport of lacrosse.

   So, the top two schools in terms of caring about lacrosse are Johns Hopkins and Syracuse. So, Which one of those is #1 on this list? That is a very hard thing to decide because you could make an argument for either. For this list though I am going to go with Johns Hopkins. The reason being is because if you look at Hopkins the only DI sports are Men's and Women's lacrosse. Football and Basketball are DIII. So, Lacrosse is really their #1 sport and it seriously is a revenue generating sport there, or close to revenue generating. Syracuse has a very successful basketball program that is draws the most fans and attraction to the school. Even though Syracuse lacrosse is great as well the fact is the basketball is #1 and then lacrosse is either #2 or #3 depending on how good they are at football that year. That is really the biggest reason that I have Hopkins over Syracuse. Syracuse is also another school where lacrosse is pretty much a revenue generating sport. So, let's get into this list.

1. Johns Hopkins

2. Syracuse

3. Maryland

4. Navy

5. Denver

   So, why did I pick these schools as my top 5? Well, I already talked about the top 2 schools so let's talk about 3-5. Maryland is a very obvious choice. They really care about Lacrosse there but they still have a very strong Football and Basketball fan base as well. Maryland is kind of a lot like Syracuse in that regard. Maryland also has a very storied lacrosse history. Navy is the same way. They have a very strong coveted lacrosse history there. that makes Navy so good for a sport in the top 5. Denver may come as a surprise because there are a few teams that could make this top 5 that didn't. Denver made the cut because they are the third school where lacrosse is either a revenue generating sport or close to being revenue generating. Denver is ewer to lacrosse but they have a huge following. A lot of that is credited to coach Bill Tierney and the success he has brought that program. Alright, now let's go through 6-10.

6. Cornell

7. Loyola

8. Virginia

9. North Carolina

10. Salisbury (DIII)

   Now you all are wondering why I put these schools on the list. Well, Cornell, Virginia, and North Carolina were pretty easy. They are all just classic lacrosse schools that people think of when you say college lacrosse. Each one of those programs has such a huge tradition in lacrosse. Now, Loyola is a different story. Loyola fans love lacrosse, plain and simple. These people are crazy about the sport. Loyola has not had as much success as their counterpart on the other side of Charles Street does but they still have fully invested in lacrosse. Loyola does not have football so lacrosse is like their football. Salisbury is the most dominant DIII school in history. This program has had so much success it's insane. Salisbury may not have the fans of a Syracuse, Hopkins, or UVA but they sure do have support. At Salisbury down on the Maryland eastern shore lacrosse is #1.

So, That is my list of the top 10 schools that care about lacrosse the most. I am going to have a few honorable mentions just because there are a few schools that really could be on this list.

Honorable Mentions:

Princeton, Towson, Hofstra, Albany, Army