SoCon Report: Week 1

    This past week was the very first week of the college lacrosse season. In week one action there were 4 SoCon teams that opened up their season. Furman, Mercer, Air Force, and Jacksonville all opened their seasons this past week. Each team was able to take a lot away from their first game in terms of how they match up with another opponent. Let's get into each game! 

Furman vs Vermont

I wrote about this game on Thursday night with my game recap and I also had a podcast directly after this game. Here are both of those.

the first game of the 2018 college lacrosse season was sure an interesting one. This game included two teams that I would say are pretty good, at least in their respective conferences. Furman took on Vermont at home. It was 55 degrees at the start of this game in Greenville, SC and both teams played like they were ready to be out there. Now, obviously one team played better than the other.

     Vermont ended up taking this 2018 season opener 12-6. The Catamounts offense was just too much for the Furman defense to handle right now. The Furman Paladins really struggled on that end of the ball. Also, they were not very pretty to watch on offense either. The paladins really didn't move very well off-ball. That severely took away advantages to get inside and get open. Vermont took advantage of this and really took it to Furman, especially in the 1st half. Vermont started off really hot and the game was pretty much that. Both teams need improvement on both sides of the ball but overall I liked what I saw for a first game situation. Really, the X factor was Ian McKay being back this season for Vermont. He played very well. McKay missed the 2017 season due to a leg injury. He was the main problem for Furman's D in addition to Vermont's good movement.

Mercer vs Vermont

    On Saturday a second SoCon team would get their swing at the Catamounts. Unfortunately, this time the game was not live streamed and it was literally a blow out. Vermont won this game 11-3 and really after looking at the stats all I can say is that Vermont was just a much better team. As I have pointed out may time, Mercer is young and lost a lot of guys. You could really tell that just by looking at the stats. I think Mercer learned a lot from this game through. It was a game where they were able to see kind of where they are as of right now and what they need to improve upon. The Bears next game is next Saturday against Lehigh at home. That should be a better game for the bears but I still think they will struggle a little.

Air Force @ Duke

    Many people thought that this would be a great game but it turned out to be anything but that. Duke really proved all the haters wrong as to why they are ranked #1. Ok, so Air Force struggled on both ends of the field. We got to see who the guys were that are suspended or have been dismissed after the investigation. It turns out that Chris Walsch who was arguable the Falcon's best offense player was one of those guys. That was the biggest hit to them because they could not get anything going on offense. Defense wasn't much better either.  The Falcons have a ton of work to do before their next game against Denver at home.

Jacksonville vs Navy

   The Battle of the Sea as I have called it. The Midshipmen sailed down to Jacksonville to take on the Dolphins on Sunday afternoon. OK, Enough Sea puns and jokes. This game I thought would be interesting because I wanted to see how good Jacksonville was this year as well as how good Navy was with a lot of their injured guys from last season back. Well, this game was downright interesting. Jacksonville beat navy 12-7!!! That is insane. I really did not think JU was that good this season but they sure did assert their dominance. Now, lets see how they fare against Duke

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