MLL News Update

   I know that we have not yet reported on some very important MLL news that has happened in the past few weeks or so. We have been in full NLL and College mode. Now, let's get you all up to date with all the recent MLL news.

New Commissioner

   On February 6th the MLL announced their new commissioner. This new commissioner will be the 2nd in the leagues history and will replace David Gross. The now former commissioner, David Gross, announced last year that the 2017 MLL season would be his last as commissioner of the league. David Gross has been a great part of helping the MLL grow into what is is today and we want to thank him for that. I know people have been critical of him and the league but we still need to say thank you because he has done a whole lot for the growth of the MLL and lacrosse in general.

  The new commissioner will be Alexander p. Brown. Brown has a history in lacrosse and media. Brown has been an executive of multiple sports media companies and he also played lacrosse in college. I think he has a great deal of business and lacrosse knowledge which will be very good for the league and the continued growth.

We put out a stream of tweets after the MLL announced the hiring. Those explain our thoughts and a little background on Mr. Brown.

 MLL All-Star Game

   The MLL announced on February 13th that the 2018 MLL All-Star game will be in Boston, MA. Also, this event will feature a team of MLL All-Stars versus Team USA. So, basically the guys who made the team versus the guys who got cut. I am very excited to see the saltiness of Myles Jones in this game, he got cut somehow someway. The MLL All-Star will be held at Harvard Stadium on June 28th. This will be Team USA's final test before they head to Israel for the FIL World games as well.

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