Lacrosse at the Foothills of the Himalayas

Nepal Lacrosse

      The Sport of Lacrosse has really grown far and wide in recent years. There are people playing lacrosse all over the world now days and it is really awesome to see that. The world is really starting to see how beautiful this game is.

    Even though lacrosse is pretty much everywhere now there are still a few places that you just don't think there would be lacrosse. One of these places that I think most would not think of is the country of Nepal. Here in the United States, where we are located, most people usually associate Nepal with the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. People definitely don't think of lacrosse when they think of Nepal. Well, now you can think of Nepal as an emerging nation in lacrosse world.

   The game is still very very young over there as the game has not even been there for a year. Even though the game is young there are high aspirations for what the game can become. I for one really hope that the game grows a whole lot over there and that we see Nepal as a FIL member nation in a few years. I would love to see that.

   I reached out to the people over at Nepal Lacrosse to see what they had going on over there and what their vision and ultimate goal was. There were very generous and answered all my questions very well.

   Here is my Q&A that I had with the President of Nepal Lacrosse Mr. Vivek Baniya.

1.How did Lacrosse in Nepal Start? 

Lacrosse started in Nepal when Mr.Vivek Baniya was introduced with the game through a professional network in December 2017. He further inquired about the game through social media and other global lacrosse networks and shared the idea of spreading this game in Nepal with his core team members. The team was highly positive about the game, which set strong foundations to promote Lacrosse in Nepal.

2. What is currently going on over there to grow the game?
Currently we are in preliminary phase of developing national structure, research and development, networking and partnership to promote this game. We already have a highly dedicated team of like-minded professionals coming from different walks of life and committed to spread this game across Nepal. We already organized a Lacrosse clinic on Feb 10 ( Chris Ian from Switzerland ), which attracted young boys and girls to learn the game and their inquisitiveness to be part of this Lacrosse promotion movement was incredible to observe. We have few more Lacrosse clinics coming up in March with professionals from Canada (Carter Brender).

3.Currently, what is the biggest hurdle to trying to grow the game in Nepal?

Since, we’ve just started the Lacrosse movement in Nepal, we lack skilled professionals and equipment to introduce the game in a bigger scenario.

4.How can people in the United States or elsewhere support what you all are doing?

Currently, we would highly appreciate support in the form of coaching and equipment. We welcome Lacrosse players and coaches from all over the globe who could voluntarily engage with us to promote this game across Nepal. In this process, we will also require huge number of Lacrosse equipment to accelerate the game development.

5.What is the most enjoyable part about growing the game in a place like Nepal?

Young people and adolescents in Nepal are highly enthusiastic in learning new skills and techniques through sports such as Lacrosse and their learning attitude will definitely help to create an atmosphere of fun, team building and trust building. Nepal being a multi-cultural and diverse country with natural beauty, the potential of developing sports tourism is very high. International players, coaches and professionals can be part of this movement of developing the game as well as experiencing amazing adventures in the Himalayas.

6. What is the main goal in all that you all are doing right now?

Our major goal is to promote this game locally and nationally engaging children, adolescents and youths to build a strong National Lacrosse Team to represent Nepal in International platforms. We want to develop our own national pool of Lacrosse professionals who will mentor young talents at the grass-root level and also help to promote the game further.

7.What does the future look like for Lacrosse in Nepal?

The initial feedback from the general people has been very positive and inspiring to take this game to next level in Nepal and we are very optimistic that this will be a popular sports in a very short time. 

   I really enjoyed talking to Mr. Baniya though email and thank him for answering all of our questions. After hearing his answers I really believe that lacrosse in Nepal will soon be really big. Obviously, that will take time and effort but I think the right things are in place for there to be exponential growth over there. I really hope that you all can help support their efforts in whatever way that you can. I don't think I can stress enough about how important it is that we support the lacrosse community both on a local and global scale. 

  If you want to connect with Nepal Lacrosse you can find them on Social Media. They currently are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Links to those accounts can be found below. 




Here are Some Pictures that I received from our friends in Nepal