History Made in Saskatoon on Saturday Night


  History was made in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Saturday night. The Battle of the Prairies took place as the Saskatchewan Rush took on the Calgary Roughnecks.
Saskatchewan won 10-6 and they clinched a spot in the 2018 playoffs. They are the first team to do so this season. There is a little more significance though.

  Currently, it is February. The Saskatchewan Rush clinched a playoff birth in February! That has never been done before in the modern NLL. (since expansion to 8 teams) That is a very huge accomplishment for the Rush as a team and an organization. I know I expected this coming into the season as they clearly are the best team in the league. They are just unstoppable some nights.

  The Rush are currently 9-2 and those two loses were both very close games. The only teams that have beaten the Rush are the Buffalo bandits and the Rochester Knighthawks. Those teams showed that the Rush were beatable but still nobody has been able to repeat what they did. Even when the Rush get a little sluggish they are able to pull it back together and get the win. That just really speaks to how good this team is. I think they are for sure the favorite to win the Champions Cup this season.

  A few keys guys that have been great for them are Mark Matthews, Jeff Cornwall, Jeremy Thompson, Mike Messenger, Ben McIntosh and a whole host of others. They really do just have a great group of guys that always seem to be in the right page all at once, In Goal they have Evan Kirk who has been phenomenal this season as well. This cast of characters that they have built over the past few years has really worked out for Coach/GM Derek Keenan.

  The Rush will have a game against Rochester next week in which we will see how well they can stay on top. remember Rochester has beat them before and that could happen again. Especially with the Rush already clinching the playoffs they could get over confident.

Post Game Interviews From Saturday:

Coach / GM Derek Keenan

Goalie Evan Kirk

Forward Mark Matthews

You Can Watch the Full Game Replay Courtesy of NLL TV